[Solved] How To Fix PS4 Error Code NP-32182-6 | Easy Troubleshooting Guide To Fix PS4 Server Issue

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When you’re trying to connect to your PlayStation server and you get the NP-32182-6 error, that means that there is a problem with PSN server. The PlayStation 4 is not just a game console to play games, but also for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately, even entertainment can come to an end depending on the error code you receive. Due to the number of PlayStation 4 users, there may be instances when you can not connect to the PlayStation server or play a game. Code NP-32182-6 is one of the issues experienced by most users.

How To Fix PS4 Error Code NP-32182-6?

You can fix this problem by following this guide because we’re going to tell you how to solve the error NP-32182-6.

Solution #1 – Restart PlayStation

The first recommended method to fix PlayStation 4 Error Code NP-32182-6 is to simply restart the PlayStation, or turn it completely off and then on. It is possible that the PlayStation 4 Error Code NP-32182-6 is caused by various issues, or there may be more than one problem with your PlayStation console. Hence, a simple restart of console might fix. This works for most errors. However, if this does not work, try the next recommended solution.

Solution # 2 – PlayStation Network Status Check

Your PlayStation Network is experiencing issues. You can’t access your games or your account. What do you do? Check the status of the PlayStation Network Status. This PlayStation error code NP-32182-6 signifies that there is a problem with your PlayStation Network. When the PS4 error code NP-32182-6 appears, first check to see if your PSN status is online. If the PSN is down or offline, wait for a system update and then try to connect again.

You need to go into your PlayStation configuration and make sure your PlayStation is connected to the network via a wired connection or ethernet cable rather than a wireless connection. This will prevent the PS4 from having network issues. A lot of issues have been resolved with this.

Solution #3 – Set The Wi-Fi Band To 5 Gigahertz

It’s therefore a good idea to do that. In the case that you cannot, that’s okay, too. If you can change the Wi-Fi frequency bands from automatic to 5 gigahertz, that would be great. Try it out. If that does not fix the problem, try 2.5 gigahertz or leave automatically if none of them work.

Solution #4 – Configure DNS Settings

When you are encountering the PS4 Error Code NP-32182-6, you can fix it easily by following these steps. A couple of adjustments is all it takes to get this resolved. Just follow these simple steps: go to the Wi-fi network you are currently connected to and go to the advanced settings. In the advanced settings, change DNS to manual and set Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to This should fix PS4 Error NP-32182-6, and you should not experience any issues with the server afterwards.

Those residing outside of the U.S. may prefer using another DNS server since this server is located on the East Coast Pacific. Hundreds of fast and reliable DNS servers are available online. If you’re not using one, you should consider doing so.

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