How to Fix Asus Rog Ally Check System Power Error?

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The Asus ROG Ally is an impressive gaming handheld that packs robust hardware into a compact form factor, delivering desktop-like performance on the go. However, some users have reported encountering the dreaded “Check System Power” error on their devices, leading to unexpected shutdowns and disrupting gameplay. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the likely causes of this error, explain what it signifies, and most importantly, outline potential fixes and workarounds to resolve this issue on your Asus ROG Ally gaming handheld.

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What Is Asus Rog Ally “Check System Power” Error?

Simply put, when your Asus ROG Ally shows a “Check System Power” message, it means it’s not getting enough stable power to work smoothly, especially during intense gaming. This could be due to a loose connector, damaged cord, wrong charger, bad battery, or other power problems.

If the power isn’t consistent, your gaming experience might suffer with crashes and lags. The error is annoying, but it’s there to protect your device from damage. If you see it, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting to figure out and fix the issue.

How to Fix Asus Rog Ally check system power error?

The “Check System Power” error on the Asus ROG Ally can have different causes, making it tricky to find one fix. Yet, there are some things users can try to solve the problem. These steps may not work for everyone, but it’s worth giving them a shot.

Step 1 – Reboot the ROG Ally

As always, the first troubleshooting step is the simplest – shut down the handheld entirely, and reboot it. Restarting flushes out any software bugs or conflicts and reinitializes components. If you were encountering the error mid-game, rebooting essentially provides a clean slate.

Connect the charger, power on the device and monitor if the issue persists. A simple restart fixes many transient software issues, and may just resolve your “Check System Power” woes.

Step 2 – Inspect Power Components

Faulty, frayed or damaged charging cables can disrupt power flow to the device, triggering the “Check System Power” error.

Closely inspect the charging cable for any visible damage. Worn out points with exposed wiring can cause intermittent power delivery. Try connecting the charger cable to another compatible device like a smartphone and see if it charges properly without issues. If the cable is damaged, replace it with a brand new Asus ROG Ally charging cable.

Step 3 – Use the Official Asus Charging Adapter

Using third-party or generic power adapters instead of the official Asus charger can also lead to power-related errors. The Asus ROG Ally requires steady 65W power delivery for optimal performance.

Swap out any generic power adapters and use only the original Asus charging brick and cable designed specifically for use with the ROG Ally. This ensures full compatibility and reliable power output to the handheld.

Step 4 – Update System Firmware and Drivers

If restarting alone didn’t help, next focus on ensuring system firmware and hardware drivers are fully updated. Asus regularly rolls out ROG Ally BIOS and driver updates to enhance stability and optimize performance.

Updating to the latest BIOS eliminates any known bugs that may be interfering with optimal power management and delivery. Outdated drivers can also lead to conflicts and issues. Install the Armoury Crate app to conveniently check and install pending ROG Ally updates.

Step 5 – Replacement

If the Asus ROG Ally keeps acting up despite trying the fixes mentioned earlier and it’s still under warranty, contact Asus support for help. If it’s still eligible for replacement, consider sending it in for a new one.

Step 6 – Contact Asus Support

If you’ve tried everything and still have issues, contact Asus support. Give them info about the problem and what you’ve tried. If your ROG Ally is under warranty, they can run tests and offer solutions. If it’s out of warranty, they’ll direct you to authorized repair centers.


While irritating, the “Check System Power” error on the Asus ROG Ally gaming handheld thankfully has a range of potential fixes. Start with simpler steps like rebooting or installing updates. If the problem persists, methodically examine components like chargers, connectors and even battery for defects.

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