The Finals Update 1.4.1 (PS5 Update version 1.000.006) Patch Notes Details: Know What’s New

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Embark has released The Finals update 1.4.1 (PS5 update version 1.000.006), marking the first patch of 2024 for the popular battle royale game. This new title update focuses on aim assist adjustments based on community feedback, as well as squashing some pesky bugs.

The Finals Update 1.4.1 Brings Aim Assist Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Embark Studios just dropped a new update (1.4.1) for The Finals, their free-to-play shooter on PS5. The update focuses on tweaking aim assist mechanics, and it’s the first patch of 2024 for the game that came out in November. Check out the full patch notes here!

Refining Aim Assist for Fairer Gameplay

According to the official The Finals new update patch notes dated January 11th, the development team conducted an in-depth review of how aim assist currently works in the game. With a thriving player base, they’ve been able to gather data to validate changes that should improve the experience for everyone.

The first aim assist change caps the maximum angular velocity for zoom snapping. This prevents players from unintentionally spinning rapidly at 90 degree turns. Next, camera magnetism strength has been reduced by 35% – from 50% to 15%. This makes aim less “sticky” and lowers accuracy for controller users.

Two other adjustments reduce the snap time for zooming and remove zoom snapping completely from certain weapons. The zoom snap time is lowered from 0.3 seconds to 0.25 seconds. Meanwhile, zoom snapping is eliminated on the SR-84 Sniper Rifle, Revolver, LH1, and all shotguns. The patch notes explain this is because zoom snapping disproportionately buffed these weapons compared to others.

Finally, a bug is addressed that caused aim assist to lock onto invisible enemy players. This exploit is now fixed by making aim assist ignore players who are invisible.

The Finals developers believe these aim assist tweaks will increase fairness and require more skill to excel in gunplay encounters. Reducing camera magnetism strength prevents controllers from being overpowered. At the same time, eliminating bugs and limiting zoom snapping on certain weapons helps balance the playing field.

Cracking Down on Unauthorized 3rd Party Tools

In addition to aim assist changes, The Finals update 1.4.1 also restricts unauthorized 3rd party tools. Specifically, the patch notes mention that PC players using key remapping programs will lose access to aim assist.

This change seems intended to hamper hacking programs that try to exploit aim assist mechanics. By blocking aim assist for remapped inputs, the devs close a loophole that was giving some players an unfair advantage.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

Aside from adjustments to aim assist and anti-cheat measures, The Finals update 1.4.1 contains the usual assortment of bug fixes. While patch notes don’t go into detail, they mention addressing “community feedback on fair play and bug fixes.”

These less prominent changes still contribute to a smoother, more balanced experience. Squashing frustrating glitches improves overall gameplay quality. Based on the patch notes, we can expect hit detection, visual bugs, crashes, and other issues to be resolved in this update.


The recent 1.4.1 update for The Finals is just the beginning; a bigger one is on the way next week, bringing a major security boost against cheats. Anticipate exciting new content, though details are slim. In 2024, gamers can look forward to more weapons, maps, and balance changes. Developers are committed to regular improvements. While 1.4.1 tackles aim assist and bugs, the next update will be even more significant. Expect smoother, skill-based gunplay with less automation for precision. Seasoned players adapt, and newcomers find aiming less frustrating. Fan feedback shapes future patches, showcasing the developers’ dedication to fair play and community involvement.

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