How To Fix Error SU-41766-4 on your PS4? Easy Guide to Fix It

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The error SU-41766-4 on your PS4 console is very frustrating to get, as a great piece of technology it still has bugs so if you have ever gotten the SU-41766-4 error on your PS4 device. This article will guide you through fixing this error or bug.

Error SU-41766-4: what does it mean?

It is an error with the network that is preventing you from signing in to your PSN account. Following the steps below will help you resolve this error.

How To Fix PS4 Error SU-41766-4?

  • To begin with, you will need to delete your PSN account from your PS. (You can access this setting in the account management menu.)
  • Create a guest account and log in.
  • Your next step is to adjust the network settings in your PS.
  • Click on Set up internet connection.
  • A network connection dialog box will appear. It is recommended to use a LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • The program will then ask you how you want to connect to the internet? Choose “custom”.
  • “Select automatic” in the IP address setting.
  • Choose “Do not specify” in the DHPC hostname field.
  • To configure DNS manually, select “manual”.
  • If you want to bring up a secondary DNS, put in primary DNS and in primary DNS
  • MTU settings should be left as “automatic” and proxy server settings left as “Do not use”.

Once this has been done, you’ll be able to sign on again to your account and the problem should be fixed.

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