How to Fix Error Code WC-34737-4 on PS4 | Easy Guide to Fix Invalid Credit Card issue

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You can have a bad gaming experience if you encounter errors. Even more frustrating are errors surrounding the payment of games, considering that your wallet has been hit as well. Occasionally, users face the message “Card information is not valid: error WC-34737-4” on PlayStation 4 when trying to add a new payment method or purchasing something. We don’t know for certain why the PS4 is displaying the WC-34737-4 error at the moment. There isn’t an official database for this error.

The Sony website does not contain any information about it. We are going to explain how to correct the PS4 Error Code WC-34737-4 Invalid Credit Card issue in this article. Here’s all the information you need:

Reason for PS4 Error Code WC-34737-4

It appears that this PlayStation Error code WC-34737-4 hits mainly on gift cards like Visa or MasterCard gift cards, but it could also affect a credit card itself if you try to purchase a game using the credit card.

It appears when you go to account management or account information and you try to input the information over there to fix error WC-34737-4, whether you’re adding a credit card or whatever you need to do to get around this error.

You encounter this error when adding like a new payment method, so the idea is this error code WC-34737-4 probably shows up a lot. It’s due to the fact that you input the information incorrectly a few times during the process.

For instance, if you enter an address incorrectly twice or three times and then enter the gift card or credit card numbers, you face this error code WC-34737-4, or simply enter the expiration date. In that specific case, there are two fixes.

WC-34737-4 is being handled on a small fixed route, in which you have to wait 48 hours until it is resolved because Sony eventually attempts to think it is a block or like a fraud issue.

You’ll see error WC-34737-4 here as they have been hacked a few times so they have taken extra precautions and blocked you. That happened to me where I couldn’t buy for 24 hours; it was stupid, but similar situation here can be seen.

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How do you fix PS4 Error Code WC-34737-4 Invalid Credit Card Issue?

Although payment options can pose a concern, you don’t have to worry about them. Please follow these instructions so that you can fix PS4 Error Code WC-34737-4 Invalid Credit Card:
  1. Go to the Settings tab on the home page of your Playstation 4.
  2. You need to locate the Account Management section.
  3. You will see Wallet under Account Information, where you need to click on Payment Methods.
  4. Go ahead and delete the details of your existing payment method if it isn’t working.
  5. Provide accurate information on a second Card.
  6. Find the Address option in the Account Information section. Make sure the information matches what is on your credit card.
  7. Add funds to Wallet before completing a purchase by going back there.


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