Clash of Clans Server Maintenance Details, January 31, 2022

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Great news for all the Clash of Clans’ fans out there, Supercell has just announced that the maintenance for February update is going to be very short this time. As we know, the maintenance and updates can sometimes last for more than an hour and in some cases more than this. This time though it will be under 10 minutes!

Today we’re going to show you everything you need to know about the Clash of Clans update maintenance details. This way, you’re ready for the new patch and won’t miss a second of all the fun it will bring.

After the scheduled maintenance, the February update will be released. To be on the safe side, developers recommend wrapping up gaming sessions 10 minutes before the update. Services should be back up soon after the maintenance, which usually lasts about an hour.

Clash of Clans Server Maintenance Details, January 31, 2022

In regards to the maintenance work, Supercell issued the following notes:

The following changes will be implemented in February 2022 with this update:

  • Clan War Leagues will be shorter due to February being a short month. Clans will only do 5 Wars.
  • Clans will receive 2 extra Bonus League Medals
  • More War Loot
  • Getting promoted is easier and getting demoted is harder than usual

These are the promotion/demotion rules for the month of February:

  • Champion 1: demote 1, promote 0
  • Champion 2 – Crystal 1: demote 1, promote 1
  • Crystal 2- Silver 2: demote 1, promote 2
  • Silver 3: demote 0, promote 2
  • Bronze 1- Bronze 3: demote 0, promote 3

You can find more information about game updates and news in our Patch Notes section.

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