Street Fighter 6 Update 1.10 Patch Notes Details: Know What’s New

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Capcom has released update 1.10 for Street Fighter 6, bringing a host of new content and bug fixes to the acclaimed fighting game. The highlight of this update is a collaboration with the popular anime series SPY x FAMILY to celebrate the release of the show’s new film in Japan.

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Street Fighter 6 Update 1.10 Patch Notes Details: Know What’s New

Street Fighter 6 just got a minor update, called Update 1.10. It brought in new stuff and important changes. The update was smoothly added during maintenance, showing how players worldwide are affected. Check out all the details in the patch notes by clicking here.

New Cosmetics Added for SPY x FAMILY Crossover

To coincide with the Japanese theatrical debut of SPY x FAMILY CODE: White, Street Fighter 6 players can now acquire costumes and other cosmetic items inspired by the show’s main characters. This includes Twilight’s stylish suit for male characters and the Thorn Princess’s elegant dress for female fighters.

In the Avatar Creator, two new anime-inspired hair presets have also been added to help players model their custom characters after SPY x FAMILY. All of these themed goods are available now in the in-game shop until January 31st, so don’t miss out!

Important Fixes for Battle Mechanics and Gameplay

In addition to the crossover content, this Street Fighter 6 patch contains some notable adjustments and bug fixes affecting combat mechanics. Several issues have been resolved related to Zangief’s moves and how Overdrive techniques function.

Specifically, Capcom amended unintended interactions that could occur when entering commands during the recovery window of Zangief’s Double Lariat special. The patch also corrected problems with Overdrive moves not properly triggering the Burnout state as intended.

These fixes should smooth out gameplay and prevent potential exploits during matches. Street Fighter 6’s meta continues evolving as Capcom refines its new mechanics and systems.

Replay and History Data No Longer Compatible

One downside of this update is that it renders old replays and fighter profile history outdated. After downloading version 1.10, you’ll be unable to view past battle replays or check performance data from previous patches.

This loss of backward compatibility is an unfortunate compromise to implement the latest balance changes. Make sure to review or record any replays you want to save before grabbing the new patch.

More Refinements in Store for Street Fighter 6

Capcom is actively fixing small bugs in Street Fighter 6, not just the ones listed in the patch notes. They’re dedicated to making the game better, even after its successful launch last year. The lively community, examining high-level play, suggests more balance tweaks are likely. Anime fans get a cool bonus with the SPY x FAMILY crossover. Capcom’s strong post-launch support for Street Fighter 6, driven by community feedback, keeps the excitement alive for each update. Stay tuned for news on patches, balance changes, and special events. Capcom is making sure Street Fighter 6 stays true to the legendary series, with ongoing support for years to come.

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