Apex Legends Update 2.41 Ignite Mid-Season Patch Notes Details: Know What’s New

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The hit battle royale Apex Legends has just received its highly anticipated 2.41 mid-season update, bringing with it a host of impactful changes that will shake up the meta. Most notably, the update introduces a limited-time crossover event with Final Fantasy VII, allowing players to unlock skins and other cosmetics from the iconic JRPG franchise. But beyond the flashy cosmetics, Apex Legends update 2.41 also delivers meaningful adjustments to legends, weapons, maps, and game modes. Read on to discover everything that’s new with Apex Legends’ 2.41 Ignite update.

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Apex Legends Update 2.41 Ignite Mid-Season Patch Notes Details: What’s New

From January 9th to January 30th, 2024, get ready for a special event where Apex Legends meets FINAL FANTASY™ VII REBIRTH. Grab your friends, jump into the action, and experience this exciting crossover. Check out the official blog for a closer look at what’s in store during this epic gaming mashup. If you’re interested in checking out the complete set of patch notes, just click here for the full details.

Weapons Rearranged and Rebalanced

Update 2.41 removes the R-301 and Volt from crafting to put them back on the ground loot pool. In their place, the Hemlok and Alternator enter the crafter. Significant balance changes also target the Mastiff shotgun, R99 SMG, and CAR SMG to tweak their damage profiles and handling. These weapon shuffle-ups will force players to rethink loadout strategies and adapt to the new meta.

Map Updates Freshen Up The Battlegrounds

Both Kings Canyon and Storm Point received updates to improve quality of life, adjust cover, and enhance traversal. Storm Point in particular had several notable changes, including added ziplines at the new hot zone Zeus Station, more line-of-sight blockers at Echo HQ, and reduced ambient noise pollution to enable better audio awareness. These map tweaks subtly shift the dynamics of engagements and rotations.

Legend Adjustments Shake Up The Character Meta

While no legends received complete reworks, several impactful balance changes will likely push some characters up or down the meta rankings. Horizon, Newcastle, and Catalyst had bug fixes and audio improvements, while Rampart’s walls can no longer be destroyed by certain abilities. Most significantly, Catalyst’s Piercing Spikes now require line-of-sight, reducing the ability’s zoning potential. Keep an eye out for shifts in legend pick rates.

Modes Rotate – Ranked Changes Incoming

Apex Legends rotates the map pool for its limited-time modes, bringing new maps into Control and Gun Run. The update also teases that delayed Ranked changes originally slated for the start of Season 16 are now going live, so expect significant differences in ranked play.

Under-The-Hood Improvements Enhance Performance

Beyond new content and balance changes, update 2.41 also delivers some nitty-gritty performance enhancements. Optimization of DirectX 12 on PC aims to improve frame rate stability, reduce VRAM usage, and support Nvidia Reflex latency improvements. Console players should also enjoy smoother frame rates thanks to dynamic resolution adjustments.

The 2.41 Update Ushers In An Action-Packed Mid-Season

Apex Legends’ first major update of 2024 shakes up maps, weapons, and legends while delivering technical improvements under the hood. The Final Fantasy VII crossover also gives dedicated Apex Legends players exciting new cosmetics to grind for. With ranked changes still looming on the horizon, Season 16 continues to evolve the battle royale formula. Drop in now to experience the 2.41 update’s biggest changes for yourself. One thing is certain – with this many impactful adjustments, the Apex Games will never be the same.

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