Dead by Daylight Update 7.4.2 (PS4 Version 3.03, PS5 Version 7.400.200) Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetric horror juggernaut Dead by Daylight recently received update 7.4.2 (PS4 version 3.03, PS5 version 7.400.200), delivering impactful adjustments and resolving a slew of irritating bugs. This article explores the most notable changes before analyzing the extensive patch notes to highlight key fixes and lingering issues.

Dead by Daylight Update 7.4.2 (PS4 Version 3.03, PS5 Version 7.400.200) Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

Flashlights Reactivated in Headline Update

The update’s banner change sees flashlight items and associated perks reactivated following their temporary removal. This restores builds relying on strategic blindness during chases to evade killer attacks. Specifically, Residual Manifest, Dramaturgy, and Appraisal once again enable burning aura reading capabilities, hindered landing accuracy, and efficiency penalties for snuffed boons.

Additionally, Batteries Included now grants The Good Guy 5% movement speed when within 12 meters of a completed generator, with the haste effect lingering 1 to 5 seconds upon exiting the area based on perk tier. This mobility boost enhances his map pressure and snowball potential. Furthermore, The Trickster sees throwing cadence improvements, longer and faster activating Main Event barrages, and delayed laceration regression to boost overall lethality.

Dead by Daylight Update 7.4.2 Patch Notes Overview

These key updates are supplemented by over 20 bug fixes spanning characters, environments, UI, archives, and bots. Corrections include fixing Good Guy carrying animations, enabling bot dodging, resolving incidental map clipping, restoring occasional missing UI widgets, and enabling completion for a previously impossible archive challenge.

However, the “BacktoBack” challenge still incorrectly states only one required consecutive skill check instead of three. Let’s dive deeper into the exact changes.

Complete Patch Notes Breakdown

Content Updates

  • Reactivated flashlight items plus Residual Manifest, Dramaturgy and Appraisal perks
  • Batteries Included now provides 5% haste within 12 meters of completed generators, lingering 1 to 5 seconds after exiting range

The Good Guy Adjustments

  • Batteries Included perk haste effect no longer deactivates when all generators complete

The Trickster Tuning

  • Reduced default throw interval to 0.3 from 0.33 seconds
  • Main Event throw rate bonus improved to 66% from 33%
  • Extended Main Event duration to 6 seconds, upgraded from 5
  • Restored laceration decay initiation timing to 15 seconds, from 10 seconds

Character and Animation Fixes

  • Corrected misalignment when Mastermind hooks survivors
  • Mended Demogorgon break pallet animation failure points
  • Removed extra Slice and Dice hit animation instances for Good Guy
  • Fixed Good Guy carrying animation survivor clipping
  • Enabled Good Guy scampering under ascending pallets
  • Removed unreliable 90 degree camera lock during Killer instinct moments
  • Prevented Main Event rapidly stacking Supreme Combos
  • Resolved possessed Chucky lag and jittering
  • Fixed Huntress hatchet launching offset

Environment and Map Fixes

  • Removed clipping through debris in The Nostromo
  • Closed hole enabling falling under stage in Midwich Elementary School
  • Deleted unusual collision allowing standing inside terrain in Swamp Realm
  • Filled gap blocking rescues from hook in Underground Complex

UI and Misc Fixes

  • Restored occasional vanished UI elements like currency trackers
  • Resolved potential crash when quickly previewing Archives rewards
  • Fixed possible Player Profile issue when rapidly equipping new cosmetics
  • Corrected survivor locker clipping when entering while interrupted or using flashlight

Known Issues

  • BacktoBack challenge still erroneously states 1 needed skill check

Analysis and Impacts

This extensive patch rundown reveals the scope of tweaks and tuning implemented to fix lingering issues while improving overall game balance and feel. In particular, reactivating offensive survivor flashlights combined with buffs for The Trickster and Good Guy shakes up the asymmetric catandmouse meta that has largely stabilized over multiple chapters.

Intermittent animation glitches, texture clipping, or confusing UI behaviors also get addressed through the above corrections to polish the game’s overall flow and presentation. However, while substantial in breadth, one potentially frustrating bug remains for achievement hunters regarding improperly documented archive criteria.


Behavior Interactive will keep making changes to asymmetrical multiplayer games for ongoing excitement. They’re planning new characters and tweaks to keep the killervssurvivor gameplay interesting. Meanwhile, update 7.4.2 brings important improvements for both hardcore and casual horror fans, making the game smoother and more balanced. This update is a big move towards making the game more accessible and fun for everyone.

Source: Behaviour Forums

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