Warframe Update 2.23 (PS5 Version 1.031) For Update 35 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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Digital Extremes’ freetoplay scifi looter shooter Warframe has received its latest major content update with Update 35: Whispers in the Walls. This massive update brings a host of new features, gameplay systems, rewards, and more for players to discover.

Warframe Update 2.23 (PS5 Version 1.031) For Update 35 Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

New Cinematic Questline

At the heart of Update 35 is the brand new cinematic quest, also titled Whispers in the Walls. This continues the overarching story of Warframe, picking up where previous quest The New War left off. Without getting into major spoilers, the quest sees players return to the Entrati family on Deimos and explore the hidden subterranean laboratories of the brilliant but sinister Albrecht Entrati.

Within the twisting halls players will uncover some of Albrecht’s dangerous secrets and encounter a haunting, familiar presence along the way. The quest serves to set up the next chapter in Warframe’s narrative and as usual with the game’s cinematic quests, presents players with gorgeous visuals and environments as the mystery unfolds.

Completing the roughly 2 hour quest unlocks a variety of rewards including new warframes, weapons, resources, and more. It also grants access to a new syndicate faction located in the updated Deimos hub.

New Tileset: Albrecht’s Laboratories

The focal point of this update is the brand new tileset Albrecht’s Laboratories. Accessible through Deimos, these halls constitute a stunning new area for players to battle through. Gilded rooms, strange instruments, and technological marvels fill the spaces. Yet danger lurks as well in the form of environmental hazards and the new enemy faction, The Murmur.

The Murmur seek to break out from the laboratories into the wider Origin System. Twisted creatures, they come in a variety of grim forms players will need to overcome. Rogue Necramechs also patrol the corridors, originally built to defend the labs but now controlled by an unknown force. The tileset features new gameplay elements for players to strategically use to their advantage.

For example, specialized control panels allow players to summon their personal Necramechs across the mission, while Vitriol Phials unleash volatile corrosive substances. Overall the laboratories provide a beautifullyrealized and intensely challenging location for veterans and newcomers alike to master.

Deimos Expansion & New Mission Types

In addition to the laboratories tileset, Update 35 also expands Deimos itself with five new mission nodes. Four of these feature existing mission types like Survival, Exterminate, and Defense with tweaks fitting Albrecht’s labs. The fifth however brings a completely new endless mission mode called Alchemy.

In Alchemy missions, players must fill crucibles scattered around the tileset with elemental substances looted from enemies. Once filled, these crucibles provide squadwide buffs. The goal is to keep them operational through the chaotic battle. In addition to these nodes, a weekly mission called Netracells has players tracking down hidden vaults using dangerous keys that impose debilitating effects on their bearers.

Players must balance risk and reward to uncover the goods within. With this expansion, Deimos now features even more content for players to test themselves against.

Major Gameplay Additions & Changes

On top of the quest and new tileset, Update 35 also introduces an extensive list of gameplay changes. Several of these aim to improve the new player experience and streamline progression towards quest content. For example, mastery rank requirements have been removed from junction tasks on the main storyline quests.

Additionally, a number of tricky early missions like the Rising Tide questline have been rebalanced to ease difficulty. Veteran players also have plenty to dig into though. A massive change that reworks heavy weapons, doubling the damage of almost all Archguns to make them truly live up to their name.

A new fusion system for Archon Shards lets players combine multiple shards together to create more powerful hybrid versions. On the melee front, a new weapon type called Tome and hammer called Ekhein have been added. Even more substantial is the new Tennokai system revamping heavy attacks to introduce more strategy through a combolike system.


Major General Fixes:

  • Corrected Zylok and Zylok Prime’s firing animation issue.
  • Fixed armor offset problems on Grendel Prime with the Grendel Voidshell Skin.
  • Addressed a bug where the first letter in a text box didn’t register for controllerselected text input.
  • Resolved various issues with Syandanas appearing smaller on Dagath.
  • Fixed performance hitch caused by Sibear’s heavy attack.
  • Players can no longer get stuck in the back half of the Railjack after the Host aborts the mission.
  • Improved visibility of currently inflicted Status Effects on enemies.
  • Fixed Buff Icons not updating in the Railjack Tactical Menu.
  • Nightwave Screen now displays the correct background.
  • Custom reticle color now applies to Dorrclave and Incarnon Weapons.
  • Fixed various crashes, including a Client crash during an aborted mission and a crash during Heart of Deimos Quest.
  • Multiple map and UI fixes, including waypoint functionality, End of Mission screen errors, and incorrect sorting of Mods in the French client.
  • Various tileset and environment fixes, such as invisible objects, gaps, and texture issues.
  • Resolved problems with Warframe abilities, weapons, and companionrelated issues.

These improvements aim to enhance the overall gaming experience and address various bugs for a smoother gameplay session.


That’s a significant update! We’ll share more about Digital Extremes’ plans for 2024 as soon as we have more information. Also, don’t forget to take note that Soulframe is getting ready for launch, and closed beta tests kick off this month. Adding to the excitement, this update introduces the usual mix of new warframes, weapons, companions, mods, and more typical of Warframe expansions. With all these alterations, both newcomers and veterans have plenty of content and enhancements to explore in this latest chapter of the Warframe adventure. Stay tuned for further updates!

The team at Digital Extremes has underscored that this update, as with all their major updates, is just the beginning. In keeping with their gamesasaservice model, more features and content will arrive in subsequent updates over the next months to further build on what Update 35 establishes. If Whispers in the Walls is any indication, 2023 is set to be another standout year for one of gaming’s most unique service games.

Source: Warframe Forums

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