Chivalry 2 Update 1.10 Patch Notes (2.2.3) Details, November 11, 2021

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A new update 1.10 (2.2.3) for Chivalry 2 has been released on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. This latest hotfix for Chivalry 2 addresses player teleportation/warping issues and animation issues that prevented animations from playing properly. As these animation issues appear to be server-related, they could be a result of a bad server performance, lagging, and stuttering.

In addition to these changes, Chivalry 2 version 1.10 (2.2.3) includes performance improvements. Despite the last major patch, players are still experiencing several issues. Several of these errors will be fixed in today’s Chivalry 2 patch 1.10. All related details regarding this update are available here.

Chivalry 2 Update 1.10 Patch Notes (2.2.3) Details, November 11, 2021


  • Fixed a rendering crash on PS5.
  • Improvements for an out-of-memory crash on PS4 and XB1.
  • Fixed multiple server crashes.
  • Fixed some map soundbanks always loaded and causing memory issues.
  • Optimization changes made to Galencourt.


  • New Matchmaking queue setup
    • 64p Mixed Modes remains the same –
      • Positions for Lionspire and Galencourt have been switched to be chronological
    • 40p FFA and Brawl queue are now merged into one queue
    • 40p Last Team Standing queue now available
  • Fixed an issue where OCE/Asia/Japan players searching in matchmaking would be sent into wrong region servers
  •  Potentially resolved a case where players (especially console players) would be anti-cheat kicked after reconnecting to a server. Please let us know if this still occurs.


  • Major replication fix to address teleporting of players.
  • Fixed a player warping issue that occurred when players would leave and re-enter the players field of view.
  • Fixed an animation issue where attacks did not always animate when queued from outside players vision.
  • Fixed an issue where riposte attacks sometimes weren’t animating to other players, causing players to damage you even when it looked like they didn’t swing.
  • Fixed “parry forgiveness” (when you counter with the wrong input within 0.10s, allowing you to block an attack and riposte instead of taking damage due to the wrong counter input) riposte attack sometimes not animating.
  • Fixed an issue where parry animation wasn’t playing if the defender performed a block from an Interrupting state.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting someone’s missing limb while they were attacking caused a swing through.


  • Fixed a bug where players were not awarded score for any takedowns.
  • Active riposte with a shield no longer deals damage to the shield (this will buff shield durability in 1vsMany fights).


The top three changes were listed in the previous patch but were not actually included in that update. This has now been resolved and these changes will be live in this update (2.2.3).

  • Fixed the archer limit not actually being enforced.
  • Fix for arena queue matches forming uneven teams.
  • Adjusted Votekick values across all modes making votekick harder to pass.
  • Fixed the unintended delay after spawning in Brawl mode locking the player in place briefly.


  • Fixed bots being invisible on Galencourt and Falmire.
  • Ammo carts removed on Falmire (Last Man Standing mode).
  • Fixed an exploit on Fighting Pit LTS allowing players to be out of combat.

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