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What Is Ping In Networking? Learn Ping In Easy Language

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What is ping in networking?

According to the definition “Ping in networking is networking diagnosis tool that is used to test the connectivity between two nodes or between two devices”. Ping is basically an internet program that allows the user to verify that a particular IP address is existing and can accept requests.  Okay, that is too many technical terms in the above sentence. So let’s make it simpler to understand.

Ok, suppose you are calling someone “hey, can you hear me?”. If the person hears the sound then he or she will respond. Something like “hey, I can hear you”. Let”s say the response from another person is come out to you in 3-second or let’s say 4 seconds. This is called Ping. Whenever you called that person you can expect that the response will come out to you in 4 seconds from that particular person.

In networking, ping is the same as described above. An internet control message protocol ICMP echo request packet is sent to the destination host. if the connection available the destination node will respond within echo reply and this week reply is called Ping. Ping calculates the round trip of the data packet that is sent from one node to another node and this round trip time is known as ping time or response time.

Importance of Ping

Ping is very important because it shows the that how fast your connection is how fast you get a response after you send out some request to host. A fast ping means more responsive connection especially in gaming where timing is very important. When you are playing a game, scenes are changed in a millisecond. In millisecond you can either win or you can lose the game.  In computer gaming, you also heard that there is a high ping there is a low ping something like that. Hyping means higher response time low ping means low response time.

For example, a person who is playing again has a ping of 50 milliseconds and another person that has 250 milliseconds. A person with a 50-millisecond pain is going to have a better gaming experience than the person who has 250-millisecond ping.

How to test ping? Ping Tools|

First method

There are two methods from which you can ping your device. The first is the CMD method and second is by using the Oakla test. Considering the first method that is the CMD command test.  In CMD test you have to open CMD prompt. In your command prompt just type ping followed by your IP address or any web address you want to ping.

For example: – if I want to ping “” then I will type in CMD prompt “ping”

Similarly, if I want to ping any IP addresses then you have to type in CMD prompt “ping 174:194:34:180”. whatever the IP address you have, just put it in CMD prompt after the word “ping”.


The 2nd method

The second method is very easy, you have to go to the Ookla speed test website. Click the link to go to the Aqua speed test website. Then click go. I will show you your thing no download speed your upload speed and your jitter time. So let’s go to check your ping speed

The terminology used in ping

Depending on the operating system ping utility output varies over almost all ping output display the following

  • Destination IP address
  • Icmp sequence number
  • Time to live TTL
  • Round trip time
  • Payload size

The number of packets lost during transmission. If a round trip is not completed successfully then the ping tool display various kind of error messages include the following

  • TTL expired in transit
  • Destination host unreachable
  • Request time out
  • Unknown host

these are the error message when a round trip is not completed successfully it will appear to you if there is any error.

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