Apex Legends Collaborates with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Adds Buster Sword, Skins, and Mode

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In a gaming crossover that has players buzzing with anticipation, Apex Legends is set to welcome the legendary characters and iconic weapons from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth later this month. From January 9 to 30, experience a unique event with the iconic Buster Sword and awesome skins taking over the Apex Games. Respawn has revealed this epic collaboration, bringing a surge of excitement to the gaming community. Whether you’re a fan of new weapons, cool cosmetics, or changes in unranked Battle Royale, there’s a lot to look forward to. Join us as we break down the details and mark your calendar for this extraordinary event. The fusion of Apex Legends and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth promises an immersive gaming experience. Let the countdown begin!

Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY™ VII REBIRTH Event Trailer

Apex Legends X Final Fantasy 7: The Ultimate Gaming Crossover

Apex Legends and Final Fantasy 7 are teaming up for an epic collaboration event that will bring the worlds of battle royale and JRPGs together. The limited time event will introduce new skins, weapons, game modes and more to Respawn’s popular hero shooter.

The Buster Sword Comes To The Apex Games

The highlight of the event is the addition of Cloud Strife’s iconic Buster Sword as a new melee weapon and heirloom item. The massive broadsword will be available from special Final Fantasy 7 themed Apex Packs and can be equipped by any legend.

Unlike normal heirlooms which are character specific, the Buster Sword will function as a universal heirloom that can be used by the entire roster. This instantly makes it one of the most desirable cosmetics in Apex Legends history.

The Buster Sword will come complete with unique animations and sound effects befitting its status as an iconic fictional weapon. Expect flashy slashes, stylish flourishes and all the oversized sword action you could want.

Wield The Power Of Materia

Also coming to Apex Legends are Materia orbs from Final Fantasy 7. These colored orbs endow weapons with magical effects like bonus healing, enemy health bars and more.

The Materia Hop Ups will temporarily supercharge ordinary guns with extraordinary powers. This should create totally new dynamics during matches. Will you risk it all to loot a Materia orb?

There are 5 Materia types coming to Apex Legends:

  • Blue Materia: Heals you when damaging enemies
  • Yellow Materia: Shows enemies health bars when hit
  • Green Materia: Reloading sends out electric wave
  • Purple Materia: Random critical hit chances
  • Red Materia: Summons Nessie companion

The Materia Hop Ups will provide the closest thing Apex Legends has had to actual magic or supernatural abilities. It should be incredibly fun seeing how these powerups affect the flow of battle.

Final Fantasy 7 Themed Skins & Cosmetics

Along with the Buster Sword and Materia Hop Ups, a big draw of the event are Final Fantasy 7 themed skins for popular legends like Wraith, Wattson, Crypto and Horizon. The skins feature cool crossover outfits:

  • Horizon as Aerith
  • Crypto as Red XIII
  • Newcastle as Barret
  • Wattson as Yuffie

These are spot on adaptations of Final Fantasy 7 characters as Apex Legends. There are also epic weapon skins featuring icons of the Final Fantasy series like moogles, chocobos, airships and more.

Collect The Buster Sword Heirloom

Unlike normal heirlooms, the Buster Sword won’t be available directly for Apex Coins. Instead, players must collect all 36 eventlimited cosmetics by opening Apex Packs to unlock the Buster Sword. The Buster Sword is a cool Heirloom in Apex Legends that works for any character during the Final Fantasy 7 Takeover event.

This creates a clear objective for diehard Apex Legends fans. They’ll have to open packs during the event’s limited time window to collect all the Final Fantasy 7 cosmetics. Only then will they finally earn Cloud’s blade.

Since the Buster Sword won’t appear in the Mythic store after the event ends, this is likely the only chance to obtain the coveted cosmetic. That should make it incredibly rare and desirable following the crossover.

An Epic Gaming Crossover Event

The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 crossover combines the best of both worlds. It adds a Japanese touch to Apex Legends and brings the battle royale action of Apex to Final Fantasy 7.

Fans will love the special cosmetics, gear, and game modes. It’s a huge collaboration between two beloved gaming worlds and marks a significant event in Apex Legends’ history.

Excitement is building to see Final Fantasy 7 in Apex Legends’ unique gameplay. This crossover fulfills the dreams of gamers who love both Respawn and Square Enix’s iconic titles. Get ready to wield the Buster Sword and use Materia in the Apex Games!

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