Phoenix Point Update 1.13.2 Patch Notes Details, November 5, 2021

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Update 1.13.2 is released for Phoenix Point by Snapshotagmes and now available to download on PC. As per Phoenix Point’s official patch notes, this update fixes some bugs and crashes. PlayStation and Xbox users will be able to access these fixes within the next few weeks alongside the Hypnos update, and Mac users will be able to access them via EGS, GOG, and Stadia after the developers have confirmed the timing.

The previous major update brought new features, fixes, and gameplay improvements. However, players continue to encounter several issues since its release. Several of these issues are resolved in today’s Phoenix Point 1.13.2 update. See below for more information.

Phoenix Point Update 1.13.2 Patch Notes Details, November 5, 2021

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the main music did not play on Geoscape in several cases.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing “Y” and “B” together during a Pandoran alien report on the geoscape would corrupt the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where satellite uplinks did not reveal havens from supportive factions.
  • Fixed data tracking for some mutoid abilities.
  • Fixed the description of cure spray ability of the Mutoid, because it should not heal 50HP.
  • Fixed an issue where mind controlled Pandoran units counted as haven defenders at the end of a mission.


  • Fixed an issue where the game gets stuck during loading when a Technician has both Mech Arms in the inventory and attached to the armor/mounted slot.
  • Fixed a stuck issue where a prompt was letting the player activate a console with a second soldier during a steal research mission.
  • Fixed an issue where the game gets stuck in tactical after a paralized triton is killed.
  • Fixed a stuck issue when the last allied unit evacuates with jet jump or dash with no AP left.
  • Fixed an issue where Neurotoxic spray disables the usage of any 1 or 2 handed item if applied on any limb(arm/leg).
  • Fixed an issue with missing strings for some body parts for Hoplite and Guardians (DLC2).
  • Fixed an issue with corrupted files when entering a map that has a technician while DLC4 is not available and/or enabled.
  • Fixed the description of dynamic resistance ability of the Acheron to exclude some damage types (DLC4).

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