Huawei P40 and P40 Pro could sport a 52 MP Sony IMX700 photo sensor

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An interesting new information has surfaced online about the photographic segment of the highly anticipated Huawei P40 and P40 Pro. The primary sensor of the series could be a 52MP Sony IMX700 lens.

If this information proves to be true, it could be something different and a new strategy Huawei has chosen to adopt as compared to its competitors. Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi recently revealed their new flagship smartphones with a 108MP main sensors, respectively, on Galaxy S20 Ultra and Mi 10 Pro.

Huawei P40 series to have a 52 MP Sony IMX700

According to the information that emerged online for the photographic department of Huawei P40 and P40 Pro, a Sony IMX700 CMOS sensor will be used in the devices. The sensor will have a resolution of 52MP that is the less than half of a 108MP lens used by two rivals mentioned above. The manufacturer, as in the case of P30 Pro, would have opted again for an RYYB solution. According to the rumors, this Sony sensor would be 1/1.33 ″ with 4×4 pixels binning, thus combining 16 pixels, which would allow to arrive at single 4.48μm pixels.

Just to make a comparison, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra uses Nonacell technology by integrating 9 pixels in a 3×3 scheme and thus reaching single 2.4 μm pixels, while the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro HMX sensor uses Tetracell technology, combining 4 pixels (2×2) to obtain 1.6μm singles.

The solution chosen by Huawei for P40 and P40 Pro, based on these data, could really make a difference in shorts in low light. All this without forgetting that the photographic department of Huawei P40 Pro should include a total of five sensors, with a Leica certified telescope equipped with 10x optical zoom and focal range equivalent to 18mm – 240mm, an ultra wide-angle lens, a macro lens and a ToF sensor.

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