Elden Ring: How To Fix Flickering Black Boxes, Squares & Invisible Enemies And Items

When the Elden Ring game was released, players began to experience all sorts of issues. Some complained of flickering black boxes while others said that they could not see their enemies due to invisible enemies. If you are also facing such issues, then don't worry — keep reading to find out what the problem is and how you can fix it.

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If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve been having problems with Elden Ring on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There are flickering black boxes/squares on your screen and sometimes invisible enemies so it can be difficult to fight them. Rest assured though, for help is at hand! In this article we will take a look at how to fix the Elden Ring flickering black squares/boxes issue and how to fix the game if there are invisible enemies attacking you.

The good news is that Elden Ring was released just some days ago so From Software has been able to respond quickly and patch out bugs as they’ve come up. They have also released a list of known bugs in the game (including the ones discussed here) which means that they’re working on fixing them right now!

About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the highly anticipated new Dark Souls-style action role-playing video game from From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game features an open world environment and action-based combat system, incorporating role-playing elements such as gear customization and character development. Elden Ring was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 23, 2022.

How To Fix Flickering Black Boxes, Squares & Invisible enemies and Items in Elden Ring

Playing video games is a fun activity, but when there are some issues being faced while playing games, it is obviously a huge issue. The issues like flickering black boxes and invisible enemies can take away the fun of the game which is why you have to get rid of them as soon as possible. The several solutions given below will help you fix the flickering black box problem in the Elden Ring game.

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Solution 1: Use Game Mode

In order to get the most out of your gaming experience, you need a machine that runs smoothly and without any inconvenience. To achieve that, Game Mode can be enabled — it automatically shuts down background processes and buttoned functions when a game is being played. It’s extremely easy to enable or disable, just check out the Gaming tab under System Settings and Choose Game Mode and Enable it.

Solution 2: Play Elden Ring on your dedicated graphics card

Gamers who play on laptops need to be aware that the graphics processing unit (GPU) is built directly into the laptop. As such, these gamers shouldn’t expect to get the same performance as they would out of a GPU installed on a desktop computer. If you’re using a laptop, we recommend using the Dedicated Graphics Card to run this game.

  • In order to do this, type Graphics Setting in the Windows Search Bar and click Enter.
  • Afterwards, you need to click on the Browse option under Graphics Performance Preference.
  • Then, locate the “eldenring.exe” file using the top-right search bar and click Add.
  • After adding the file to the list, choose Options, then choose High Performance. and Save.

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Solution 3: Update or Clean Installation of Graphics Drivers

If you’re having trouble with the game, try reinstalling the graphics driver. To do so, go to the AMD or NVIDIA website and download the latest version of graphics drivers for your graphics card.

Solution 4: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Flickering black boxes, squares, invisible enemies and items can be caused by many factors, such as game files being damaged or corrupted, outdated graphics card drivers or even missing files. Make sure that your Elden Ring folder integrity is intact. We’ll show you how to verify the integrity of your game files in just minutes.

To fix the Elden Ring error, you should try verifying game files. Hit the Windows key, type in Steam, and press Enter to open Steam. Click on Library and find Elden Ring in your list of games. Right-click on it, select Properties, go to Local Files, and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. When this is done, you can launch the game as usual and continue where you left off.

Solution 5: Reduce the Resolution and Play at Windowed Mode:

Although different gamers have different opinions on this issue, I believe that the best solution is to reduce the resolution and turn on the windowed mode. It will bring you a much better gaming experience.

To do so, Launch the game, go to the main menu, click on “Settings” and select the “Graphics” tab. From there, change the game from Fullscreen to Windowed mode. After that, go back to Settings and select “Output resolution/Quality” from the list of options. Select either ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’ for Graphics Quality. Save your changes and restart the game.

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Solution 6: Install latest Windows Update

It is recommended to check for updates regularly. As soon as a new Windows Update is available, it should be installed to ensure your machine is running smoothly. To update Windows, search for “Windows Update” in the Start menu, then click on the “Check for updates” button and install them. Once the installation has completed, you can launch Elden Ring without any issues.


That’s it – this is everything we have on How to fix the Elden Ring Flickering Black Boxes and Invisible Enemies. If we were able to help you resolve your issue, we’d appreciate if you could share this article to help other people with similar issues. Check out the Elden Ring section to learn more guides like this.

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