Elden Ring Guide: How To Play Online Using Mods

Wishing you can play Elden Ring Online with your friends, but don’t know how. Not knowing what mods are available or how to install them can be a serious pain in the neck.

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Elden Ring is a masterpiece offering a beautiful and immersive world, gripping characters, and some of the finest voice actors in RPG history. Yet there is one part of the game that did not get its proper attention. The online multiplayer was somewhat neglected after launch. Since then a lot of fans have complained about bugs that make online play unplayable, leaving a lot of people to wonder how to play Elden Ring online using mods. So Let’s start by looking at how you can play Elden Ring online using mods.

This is a must-read guide on how to play Elden Ring online with mods, as there are many hurdles that you’ll need to overcome in order to play Elden Ring online with mods. While some games offer mod support natively, others require that you jump through hoops in order to load up a game that has been modified; one of those games is Elden Ring, which is the latest title from From Software.

Installing mods is usually a piece of cake. Elden Ring’s Easy Anti-Cheat, not so much. It’s a pain to deal with, and it’s an attachment to the game that will get in the way of your enjoyment. Fortunately, we’ve compiled this easy-to-digest guide on how to go wild with mods on Elden Ring while staying undetected by Easy Anti-Cheat.

How to play Elden Ring online with Mods

Elden Ring’s online mode is a crucial element of the game and makes it into something more than just a Souls-like title. When players are exploring the game’s world, dungeons, or attempting to defeat bosses, they can use the tools available in the online mode to help them along or join in their battles. It’s like getting a hug when you need it the most and can be an important part of the game experience. The online mode of Elden Ring can add an element of connectedness to the experience.

Elden Ring is a game with no mod support. For some reason, the mods don’t allow you to go online in Elden Ring. So you have to play the game offline in order to use mods. The fix is available, but please be aware that you may still be BANNED if you use it. We recommend using caution and NOT going into PvP using this method.

Here are the steps to play Elden Ring online with mods:

  • First of all, click here to download the Elden Ring Mod file.
  • Now copy the original file to a safe place. After this open the EasyAntiCheat folder in the game folder, and rename settings.json to settings.json_backup.
  • Browse the local files by right-clicking Elden Ring in your Steam library and selecting Manage> Browse Local Files.
  • The mod should be placed in the same place where the game’s “.exe” file is located. Now launch the game and log in.

That’s all! This is a basic rundown on how you can use mods. Take note of the numerous mods that will support Elden Ring, and enjoy creating some interesting new stories within its world. Also Keep an eye on our guides section for more helpful Elden Ring guides!

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