Battlefield 2042 Update 1.46 ( PS5 1.000.049 ) Patch 6.2.0 Details: Explore What’s New

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Battlefield 2042 just dropped a fresh update, version 6.2.0, bringing in some changes players have been eagerly waiting for. It’s not about new stuff this time, but patch 1.46 (1.000.049 for PS5) shakes things up with significant tweaks to weapons, improvements in air vehicles, and other impactful adjustments, all in a hefty 2.9GB package. Let’s dive into what this update has in store for the gaming community.

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.46 ( PS5 1.000.049 ) Patch 6.2.0 Details: Explore What’s New

Battlefield 2042 is getting an update, version 1.46 (v6.2), and it’s hitting PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. The official patch notes for BF2042 update 1.46 highlight tweaks in weapon balance, enhancements to air vehicles, and some extra content. Beyond that, this latest patch, numbered 1.000.048, tackles a range of gameplay elements, spanning AI, vehicles, maps, and specialists. Interested in reviewing the complete details of BF2042 Patch 6.20 patch notes? Simply click on this link.

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Rebalancing Weapons for Intended Roles

A major focus of this patch is weapon rebalancing to better align guns with their intended roles. The update makes changes to the MCS-880 shotgun, G428 DMR, VHX sniper rifle, suppressors, subsonic ammunition, and underbarrel launchers. Details of some key weapon tweaks are highlighted below.

Adjusting the Overpowered MCS-880

After the recent introduction of the CQB map Redacted, DICE determined the MCS-880 shotgun was overperforming, especially regarding one-hit kills at longer ranges. Patch 6.2.0 addresses this by preventing OHKs beyond 25 meters and making them rare from 20-25 meters. The #4 Buckshot ammo type also sees reductions to limit its range.

Reining in the G428 as a Close-Range DMR

The G428 is meant to excel at close ranges for a DMR, but its 2-hit kill distance with Standard Issue ammo was a generous 40 meters. The patch dials this range back to 20 meters. Further changes increase recoil, decrease stability during burst fire, lower accuracy, and slow ADS speeds.

Tuning Down the Hard-Hitting VHX

While feedback is mixed on the VHX’s damage output, many felt its punch was too strong. Update 6.2.0 turns down the VHX’s initial accuracy and increases its dispersion build-up to soften its hitting power slightly.

Rethinking Suppressor and Subsonic Benefits

The update also reworks suppressors and subsonic ammunition to better deliver on their intended benefits of staying hidden from the minimap. Specific range thresholds and combinations now determine if firing is fully suppressed on the map or not. DICE aims to strike a balance with these stealthy tools.

Other Weapon Adjustments

Beyond the major changes highlighted above, update 6.2.0 brings other meaningful weapon tweaks:

  • Increased subsonic ammo capacity for the MP9 and K30. This change gives a nice perk by letting these guns firelonger before reloading.
  • Tweaked various suppressor stats around damage, velocity, and flash visibility reduction. Heavier suppressors often trade damage for stealth.
  • Lowered the G428’s and VHX’s power in different ways to prevent them from playing outside their roles.
  • Buffed the AP grenade launcher’s ammo capacity for several guns, improving their versatility.
  • Addressed bugs, animation issues, incorrect descriptions, and odd behaviors for many weapons.

These sweeping balance changes shake up the gun meta in ways both major and minor.

Air Vehicle Aiming and Quality-of-Life Improvements

Aiming aircraft weaponry can feel inconsistent in Battlefield 2042. To address this, update 6.2.0 introduces computed impact points and aligned crosshairs for air vehicles. Impact points now account for factors like velocity and drag to precisely show where shots will land, while aligned crosshairs provide pinpoint accuracy. These upgrades promise to give pilots better control and feedback while engaging ground targets.

Additionally, new air vehicle HUD elements help pilots and gunners coordinate by displaying their aim directions. And on the audio side, the patch brings better sound mixing for aircraft to heighten immersion.

Other aircraft improvements include adjustments to missile ranges and behaviors, tracer intensities, and control responsiveness. Changes to jets should make them feel smoother and more agile in the air. Altogether, Aviation mains have lots to look forward to in this update.

Further Fixes and Changes

Beyond the major focuses outlined so far, Battlefield 2042’s latest patch ships other helpful fixes and tweaks:

  • Addressed bugs allowing players to shoot through walls or see unintended areas on certain maps.
  • Stopped an issue enabling out-of-bounds insertion beacon placements.
  • Resolved cases of AI soldiers getting stuck on geometry.
  • Fixed visual problems with vehicles like the TOR tank.
  • Prevented an problem where players would swap from grenades to primary weapons instantly after exiting vehicles.
  • Made ammo and health pouch icons more visible for Support players.
  • Ensured prone players take full blast damage from vehicles instead of reduced amounts.
  • Fixed “structural integrity” problems that let players see or shoot through solid objects on some maps.
  • Corrected additional weapon animation issues, audio problems, stat errors, and wonky behaviors that improve the overall experience.

While update 6.2.0 does not introduce new content, its weapon rebalances, air vehicle upgrades, and abundance of fixes alters the Battlefield 2042 landscape in major ways that should please many players.

What’s Next for Battlefield 2042?

While Season 7 details from DICE remain under wraps, a recent tweet from a developer provides a glimpse into what lies ahead. The hint suggests upcoming additions such as “new ways to play,” an upcoming game mode, and a batch of fresh cosmetic items within the next few weeks. The Battlefield community can certainly anticipate exciting developments once official announcements about these enigmatic features are made.

For now, update 6.2.0 marks an important step in Battlefield 2042’s ongoing evolution. This patch tackles some of the biggest issues raised by players lately, especially around problematic weapons and inconsistent aircraft controls. Early feedback seems largely positive as fans appreciate DICE’s efforts to rebalance guns to prevent unfair situations and make the meta more interesting. Aircraft mains are also thrilled to finally have reliable aiming solutions.

While a few more patches would still be welcome to address lingering problems, Battlefield 2042 feels closer than ever to reaching its full potential. If DICE continues down this path of revamps and quality-of-life upgrades, seasoned players who have stuck it out this long may find the game they were hoping for at launch. And for gamers who moved on out of frustration, now might be a perfect time to reinstall Battlefield 2042 and explore the improvements for themselves.


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