Modern Warfare 3 Rolls Out New Update Disabling Controversial Operator Skin, Fixing Exploits

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 received a server-side new update on November 30th addressing some recent controversies and gameplay issues. Sledgehammer Games moved swiftly to disable problematic operator skins, fix exploits, and improve overall stability.

Modern Warfare 3 Rolls Out Update Disabling Controversial Operator Skin, Fixing Exploits

Nova Operator Skin Temporarily Removed

The headline fix in this patch is the removal of the new Gaia and Gaia BlackCell skins for the Nova operator. These earth-toned skins blended into the background of certain maps, giving players who equipped them an unfair advantage. Here what is said:

“Adjustments to improve the visibility of the Gaia Operator Skins are underway. Until these changes can be released to all players, these items will be unavailable to equip in MWIII.”

Backlash was immediate when the skins debuted last week in the in-game store. Dark green and brown hues made Nova nearly invisible in vegetation or shadowed areas of maps like Farm 18 and Borderline.

Top competitive players and streamers lashed out, accusing Sledgehammer of pay-to-win mechanics. Cries for immediate action flooded social media and forums.

This swift if temporary removal shows the studio is listening, though players demand a permanent fix before the skins return.

Bug Fixes and Exploit Shutdowns

Beyond the obvious Nova skin troubles, Sledgehammer’s update tackles other pressing issues:

Weapon Customization Restored

A nasty bug stripped player weapon attachments after transitioning to and from private matches. This update rights things, correctly saving customized loadouts.

Prone Sprinting Exploit Eliminated

Players discovered they could activate the sprint animation while appearing prone if timed precisely. This confusing visual glitch provided an unfair advantage in firefights. Closing this exploit levels the playing field.

Out of Bounds Areas Patched

Crafty players identified out of bounds areas on Sub Base and Farm 18 maps, exiting the playable zone to catch opponents off guard. Added barriers close these exit points.

Visibility Improved on Rust

Spawn locations adjusted on Rust after complaints of surprise first-second deaths. Players no longer start matches staring down an adversary’s barrel.

Bomb Planting Restricted

Slide maneuvering extended the proximity needed to plant/defuse bombs in Search and Destroy matches. Limiting this provides more balanced attack/defend opportunities.

What’s Next for Modern Warfare 3?

November 30th’s update cleans up the most offensive issues hampering MW3’s first weeks. It’s a solid start towards player satisfaction, but Sledgehammer cannot rest yet.

Permanent Nova Skin Solution

First priority is reworking the controversial Gaia skins so they no longer provide unfair concealment. Studio artists must better optimize character visibility against complex backgrounds. This cannot be a temporary fix.

Continued Optimization

Ongoing patches must smooth gameplay, enhance stability, remove glitches like erratic loadouts or visible HUD in Hardcore matches. Quick response to new issues maintains player trust.

Core Game Improvements

Future updates should also expand customization options, refine spawn logic, add maps, weapons and fine tune weapon progression systems. Dedicated players need regular content and balance changes to stay engaged for the long haul.

Of course, major new changes come with the launch of Season 1 on November 16. Sledgehammer revealed a packed content roadmap including new operators, multiplayer maps, lethal equipment and a reimagining of the Shipment map.

If the studio keeps taking player feedback seriously, continuing to adapt both core gameplay elements and seasonal content offerings, Modern Warfare 3 has a bright future ahead. We’ll see if Sledgehammer can walk that fine line between innovation and listen to community demands.

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