The Finals Update Patch 1.4.0 Details: Balance Changes, Movement Fixes And More

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Embark Studios has just rolled out a holiday present for fans eagerly awaiting Patch 1.4.0. Even though there aren’t any new goodies added to the virtual stocking, the patch brings a bunch of tweaks to balance, movement, and overall quality of gameplay. These changes aim to provide players with a smoother and more equitable gaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at the The Finals Update 1.4.0 patch notes to uncover the adjustments that are set to spice up the competitive scene of The Finals.

The Finals Update Patch 1.4.0 Details: Balance Changes, Movement Fixes And More

Before we delve into the intricate details of the patch, let’s acknowledge the seasonal touch that Embark Studios has added. As we embark on this gaming journey, players will find themselves amidst a snowy Monaco, where not only the competition is fierce, but the halls are decked with holiday cheer. It’s not just about the battle; it’s about the festive spirit too.

Balance Changes: Shaping the Battlefield

Abilities Refined

The update brings tweaks to different abilities to make things more balanced. The Goo Gun, known for throwing unexpected hurdles, got a fix so it won’t mess with how players move.

On the defense side, the Mesh Shield’s health got a bit of a cut, down to 1100 from 1250. Also, activating Recon Senses is easier now with a reduced cost of 1 instead of 2. These changes are meant to fine-tune the strategy part of the game.

Gadgets Under the Microscope

Tech fans will spot some big changes in this update. The C4’s power has been toned down, reducing the maximum player damage from 240 to 210 and shrinking the damage radius from 2.4m to 1.6m. There’s also a slight bump in the self-damage multiplier, making its use a bit riskier.

Dome Shield, Gas Mine, Glitch Mine, and similar gadgets now take 1.6 seconds to arm, creating a short period where opponents can capitalize on vulnerability. These tweaks don’t just shake up the strength of these tools but also push players to think more strategically.

Weapons Tweaked

Firearms aficionados will find themselves adapting to altered recoil patterns, damage values, and fire rates. The AKM receives a subtle adjustment to its recoil pattern, aiming to balance its performance. The Flamethrower’s fire rate gets a boost to 170 from 160, while the LH1 sees an increase in damage to 47 from 45, enhancing its lethal potential.

Melee combat enthusiasts will appreciate the fix to a bug that occasionally hindered hits from connecting with enemy players. Meanwhile, the M11’s damage sees a bump to 16 from 15, promising a more impactful punch.

Movement: Smoother Maneuvers

Navigating the digital arena has been refined in this patch. Vaulting, once a potential source of unintended escapades, has seen a reduction in instances where players unintentionally scaled objects outside their view. The dreaded scenario of getting stuck without input options has been addressed, ensuring a smoother and frustration-free experience.

Ziplines, a crucial element in traversing the landscape, now come with restrictions on placement, preventing them from interfering with pickups. These subtle yet impactful changes add a layer of strategy to movement, forcing players to think on their feet.

UI Enhancements: Aesthetics and Functionality

The user interface undergoes several refinements, with contestant screens receiving various fixes. The social screen now intelligently hides the “Invite to party” button when not applicable, streamlining the player’s interaction experience. A crucial addition is the warning that pops up when players are on the verge of being AFK kicked, ensuring active participation in the high-stakes games.

Player health bars now adopt squad colors when selected in the settings, enhancing visual clarity. The UI’s transparency is also emphasized, with players displaying as “unranked” unless they secure a coveted spot among the top 500 on the leaderboards.

Conclusion: A Patch for Progress

The Finals Update Patch 1.4.0 is not just about balancing numbers; it’s about refining the gaming experience, introducing strategic nuances, and embracing the festive spirit. As contestants hop into the snowy spectacle of Monaco, they’ll find a more polished and engaging battlefield awaiting them. The intricate dance between abilities, gadgets, weapons, and movement has been meticulously choreographed to ensure a captivating show for both seasoned competitors and newcomers alike. So, gear up, embrace the changes, and may the best contestant emerge victorious in this winter wonderland of digital competition.

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