The Finals Update 1.2.3 Hotfix Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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The Finals had a successful debut week, gaining a large Steam player base and surpassing Call of Duty. However, as a PvP game, it faced issues, leading developers to address them in Hotfix 1.2.3, focusing on Steam login and SBMM problems. Despite its popularity, The Finals had displeased fans with various issues, prompting developers to release Hotfix 1.2.3 and detailed patch notes to tackle significant problems. Explore the fixes in The Finals Update 1.2.3 Hotfix Patch Notes for more details.

The Finals Update 1.2.3 Hotfix Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

Acknowledging the Community:

Before delving into the specifics of the hotfix, a moment of appreciation is extended to the gaming community. The last few days have seen a flurry of intense matches and unwavering support, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie within the gaming realm. The acknowledgment of the community’s enthusiasm sets the stage for an engaging exploration of the updates that follow.

The Finals Hotfix 1.2.3 Update Overview:

The hotfix, labeled 1.2.3, may be characterized as a collection of small yet impactful updates. These adjustments not only respond to reported issues but also reflect a commitment to refining the overall gaming experience. As the community eagerly embraces the changes, it becomes imperative to dissect each component of the hotfix, understanding the rationale behind the modifications and their potential impact on gameplay.

Authentication Resolution:

One of the focal points of the hotfix is the resolution of an authentication issue that, at first glance, appeared as a ban. The erroneous ban messages triggered concerns among players, prompting a swift response from the developers. The hotfix seeks to rectify this miscommunication by not only resolving the authentication problem but also removing bans erroneously associated with the issue. Players are encouraged to restart their gaming sessions, witnessing the removal of bans and the restoration of account access.

Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) Update:

The landscape of online gaming is heavily influenced by skill-based matchmaking, a system designed to ensure fair and challenging matchups. The hotfix introduces an update to SBMM, signaling a commitment to fine-tuning the balance between competitive engagement and accessibility. While this adjustment may lead to slightly longer matchmaking times, the promise is a more rewarding experience as players find themselves engaged in matches that are closely aligned with their skill levels. The delicate dance between competition and accessibility takes center stage in this aspect of the hotfix.

Alleviating Backfilling Annoyances:

Community feedback serves as a valuable compass for developers, guiding them toward areas of improvement. The hotfix takes note of backfilling annoyances flagged by the community, addressing this concern to enhance the overall gaming flow. Changes to the way backfills operate in Quick Cash and Bank It modes aim to minimize interruptions, ensuring that players are backfilled less frequently. Moreover, when backfilling does occur, players can expect to have more time remaining in the match, particularly in Bank It mode. These adjustments emphasize the developers’ responsiveness to the player experience, creating a more seamless and enjoyable gameplay environment.

Steam Login Problem Resolution:

Technical glitches can momentarily disrupt the gaming experience, and the hotfix addresses one such issue by resolving a Steam login problem. Players who encountered a faulty ban message due to this problem can now expect a seamless login experience. This resolution not only rectifies the immediate issue but also reflects the developers’ commitment to maintaining a stable and reliable gaming platform.

Refined In-Game Shop Timer:

Details matter in the world of gaming, and the hotfix attends to a seemingly minor but significant aspect—the in-game shop timer. A fix for the incorrect timer on the in-game shop ensures that players have accurate information while making in-game purchases. This attention to detail contributes to a smoother overall gaming experience, where players can navigate the in-game economy with precision.

Transitions in Gameplay Experience:

As players anticipate the implementation of the hotfix, it becomes essential to understand how these changes will manifest in the actual gameplay experience. The resolution of authentication issues and the removal of erroneously imposed bans set the stage for a stress-free and accessible gaming environment. With an update to skill-based matchmaking, players can brace themselves for slightly longer but more balanced matchmaking times, promising a heightened level of competition. The adjustments to backfilling mechanisms not only reduce interruptions but also ensure that players stepping into ongoing matches have ample time to make a meaningful impact.


In the arena of online gaming, The Finals Update 1.2.3 Hotfix emerges as a testament to the developers’ commitment to player satisfaction and continuous improvement. From resolving authentication issues to refining skill-based matchmaking and addressing community-flagged concerns, each element of the hotfix contributes to a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience. As players prepare to re-enter the arena, armed with the insights from this exploration of the hotfix, the stage is set for a renewed sense of excitement and engagement. See you in the arena, where the impact of these adjustments awaits its full realization!

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