Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Top Best Fighters in SF6 (December 2023)

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Street Fighter 6 introduces intense fighters eager for victory, armed with powerful kicks, electrifying projectiles, and devastating throws. However, within the chaos of combat, champions and underdogs emerge. Rigorous testing has classified fighters into competitive tiers, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. This thorough examination will explore what propels the top tiers to success and the vulnerabilities holding back the lower ranks. To master these formidable warriors, it’s crucial to understand their capabilities and shortcomings on the battlefield. This definitive tier list unveils who truly dominates the field of battle. Here are the list of top best fighters in Street Fighter 6.. check out list.

Top 10 Best Fighters in Street Fighter 6 (SF6) in 2023

Towering in S-Tier: The Elite of The Elite

The esteemed S-tier stands far above the rest as the undisputed cream of the crop. S-tier fighters oppress opponents through sheer versatility, enabling both impenetrable defense and overwhelming offense.


JP, a mysterious businessman, wields Psycho Power, a dark force that messes with the mind and body. He leads Amnesia, a terrorist group bent on causing chaos worldwide. Additionally, he hosts the Suval’hal Tournament, a global fighting event.

JP master street fighter 6

JP’s combat style blends boxing, judo, and cane fighting from Bartitsu. He amps up his attacks with Psycho Power, making him a versatile and unpredictable fighter. His strengths lie in mobility, setting traps, creating illusions, and unleashing powerful super moves.


Ken is a tough martial artist in Street Fighter 6. He practices Ansatsuken, a mix of karate and ki manipulation. Despite being Ryu’s friend and rival, he faces trouble when accused of a crime, forcing him to hide. Known for speed and aggression, Ken excels in mobility, corner control, and applying pressure.
ken Street Fighter 6


With his great skill as a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, Guile combines karate with ki manipulation. Noted for his Sonic Boom and Flash Kick, he is adept at long range attack and midrange pressure. He is with no means a versatile character, but he charges for his moves and has low health.

Guile Street Fighter 6

Guile’s battle plan is to keep opponents at a distance, de-emphasizing attack and playing safe. The keys to success are being ahead of the other guy, and performing defensive patterns with accuracy.

A-Tier Brings the Heat

While lacking some versatility, A-tier combatants possess focused specialties that make them lethal.


Juri is a fierce fighter in Street Fighter 6 who enjoys seeing her opponents suffer. Using a cool gadget called the Feng Shui Engine, she gets faster and stronger, pulling off unique attacks. Known for her agility and powerful combos, Juri stands out as a tough character.

Juri Street Fighter 6

What makes her special is her ability to gather stocks, making her special moves even better, and unleashing a super powerful attack that can break through armor. Driven by a love for excitement, Juri doesn’t care about others and goes after her goals without worrying about the results.

Chun Li

Formerly an Interpol agent, Chun-Li teaches Kung Fu and cares for Li-Fen as a victim of the Black Moon Incident. Her specialties are her high kicks, spinning bird kick and fireballs. Rivalrous to M. Bison of the Shadaloo, she is among the most powerful and adept fighters in the world.
Chun-Li Street Fighter 6
She is also a friend of Ryu, Ken and Guile as wellas Cammy and other heroes. Street Fighter 6 sees her get an improved Serenity Stance and Punish Counter that make whiff punishes and mixups a lot easier. She is a well rounded and diverse player that rules the neutral as much through possession of space as with her punishing push.

B-tier combatants boast fundamentally well-rounded toolsets but lack some key component that prevents ascension.


Ryu is a martial artist searching for real strength and suitable challengers. He has put aside the black force of the Satsui no Hado, and instead fights with honor and discipline. Among them are a number of classic moves that deliver tremendous damage, including the Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku which can knock his opponents to their knees.

Ryu Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6 he has put in two fresh special moves and one super art that further increase his versatility and strength. But he is a complete character who can face different combat conditions and outdo his opponents with counters and combos. One of the most influential fighters in Street Fighter, he has won respect from many opponents and allies.


Zangief, known as the Red Cyclone, is a massive wrestler committed to honing his physique and mentoring his pupils. Employing his formidable size and extensive reach, he asserts dominance in the ring by employing bone-crushing holds that leave his adversaries overwhelmed.

Zangief Street Fighter 6

His signature move, the Spinning Piledriver, is a formidable technique where he twirls through the air before forcefully driving his opponent into the ground.


Meet Jamie, the latest addition to Street Fighter 6! Jamie employs a mix of Drunken Fist and breakdancing techniques to engage in combat. By sipping on a unique tea stored in his gourd, he amps up his strength and unveils fresh maneuvers. This spirited and swift warrior excels at stringing together attacks to keep adversaries on their toes.

Jamie Street Fighter 6

Yet, be mindful, Jamie is prone to counterstrikes and doesn’t boast the sturdiest defense in the ring.

Underpowered Underdogs: C-Tier

The unfortunates of C-Tier crave buffs to properly compete in the metagame.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay is a fast, aggressive fighter with a confusing move called Jus Cool. He can deal big damage with quick moves like Machine Gun Upper and OD, but timing is crucial. Defense is a weak spot.

Dee Jay Street Fighter 6

Outside the ring, he’s a famous Jamaican dance music star with a unique look. His moves like Air Slasher and Jackknife Maximum are good for countering, but his specials need work. With some tweaks, Dee Jay could move up in the rankings.


Marisa is a tough fighter who packs a punch, using strong moves that cover a wide range. She can power up her attacks for more impact, especially with her special move, the Javelin of Marisa.

Marisa Street Fighter 6

However, her sluggish speed and limited mobility make it hard for her to catch fast opponents or pressure close-range defenders safely. While she hits hard with grabs, getting in close is a challenge.


Blanka is quick and tricky with electric charges and rolls to throw opponents off their game. The Wild Hunt is his surprise jumping grab, special move. He also is not very good with projectiles and has to depend on charge moves.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Top Best Fighters in SF6 (December 2023) 1

Blanka’s special mobility isn’t enough to compensate for his inability at combos and dealing with blockers. It’s a pretty good method to zone him out.


Lily, hailing from the Thunderfoot tribe, communicates with nature spirits and wields a distinctive war club called pogamoggans. By enhancing her strikes with a buff, she boosts both power and armor during attacks. Her signature move, the Javelin of Marisa, delivers a potent two-hit punch.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Top Best Fighters in SF6 (December 2023) 2

Despite her somewhat sluggish and less nimble nature, Lily introduces variety by incorporating different stances. On the downside, she grapples with swifter adversaries, has limited combo options, and generally faces challenges in terms of overall strength.


Examining the emerging tiers in the SF6 metagame allows players to match their playstyles with fighters who possess the right level of aggression for competitive success. Understanding the current strengths and weaknesses provides valuable insights for mastering the game, especially as new content shakes up the rankings. Currently, those at the top of the S and A tiers have asserted their dominance in virtual combat.

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