(Solved) How To Fix NHL 24 Not Holding Grip Error Message? Here’s What To Do

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The latest addition to the beloved NHL gaming franchise, NHL 24 offers hockey fans an immersive experience with fluid gameplay and hyper-realistic graphics. However, some persistent issues still plague the title, chief among them the frustrating “not holding grip” error that occurs randomly during faceoff situations. This article will provide an in-depth explanation of this peculiar bug, suggested workarounds by the community, and tips to master the faceoff system for a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience.

Understanding the Problematic “Not Holding Grip” Bug

One of the most commonly reported issues in NHL 24 centers around the faceoff mechanic. Specifically, players encounter an error message during the opening faceoff draw or in subsequent in-game faceoffs stating, “not holding grip properly.” This message pops up despite executing the standard process of holding the right analog stick down and swiping up with reasonable timing. Essentially, the game wrongly claims the player failed to maintain grip when initiating the faceoff draw. This leads to botched faceoff attempts and disrupts the seamless flow of gameplay. Addressing this strange bug stands paramount for developers hoping to perfect the hockey sim’s lifelike gameplay.

How To Fix NHL 24 Not Holding Grip Error Message?: Clever Workarounds to Temporarily Overcome the Issue

Although there’s no official solution for the grip error in the NHL game, the community is actively working together to come up with smart fixes. Experienced players on platforms like Reddit suggest a workaround: depending on your player’s handedness, try holding the right stick left or right, then push down and swipe up. For instance, if your player is left-handed, hold the stick to the right before swiping up. This nifty trick might help you avoid grip errors during faceoff draws. It’s a simple yet effective temporary solution while developers work on a permanent fix in upcoming updates. Players have reported a much smoother gaming experience using this clever workaround, so it’s worth a try before the puck drops!

Understanding Proper Control and Timing

Perfecting faceoff control and timing is crucial in NHL 24, whether facing grip errors or human opponents. The game offers various controls, like going straight for the puck or countering moves. Consistency in faceoffs comes from mastering these controls, but success also requires adapting to the opponent’s hand positioning and reacting swiftly to the referee’s drop. Quick grip adjustments and cat-like reflexes lead to faceoff proficiency, making keen observation and fast reactions key to winning the battle for the puck.

To succeed in NHL 24, you need to master the “control and time” art. Learn to play using Square or/and X button to take on a lower aim, and X or A to take on your higher aim. However, lead with R1 or R2 right into the puck. The crucial factor is getting the timing just right: being at the right positions, change of grip as it moves from backhand to fore-hand, and quickness on dropping of the puck by the referee. The secret of winning the face offs is, therefore, understanding and mastery of these basic elements.

Experimenting with Different Control Schemes

A Reddit user, a pioneer in NHL gaming, found success with NHL 24’s different control scheme. Although the “total control” system is new, it’s not always the best. When facing grip errors in faceoffs, the player had more success using the traditional skill stick scheme. So, if you’re a veteran who struggled with total control, try the familiar skill stick for better faceoff results. Experiment with both schemes to find what works best for you.

Capitalizing on Special Player Abilities and Attributes

When facing human opponents in the faceoff circle, having the new “Quick Draw” ability gives players a clear advantage in speed and defense. Be careful when dealing with a center equipped with this skill. To counter it, recruit centers with high faceoff skills, especially those who excel in both offense and defense. Pay close attention to the opposing center’s preparation and hand placement during crucial faceoff moments to predict their move. Use effective counter techniques, such as backhand grip counters or going straight forward, to gain control of the puck. By mastering these observational skills and reacting quickly, you can minimize losses against opponents with Quick Draw.

Sticking with It: Persistence and Practice Make Perfect

Like any complex gameplay mechanic in sports gaming, mastering the NHL 24 faceoff system requires persistence, practice and patience. But players willing to scrutinize opponent tendencies, adjust hand positioning accordingly and utilize specialized abilities stand a supreme chance of overcoming the grip error bug specifically and besting rivals generally. While awaiting a permanent patch, stick with the aforementioned workarounds, play around with control schemes to determine ideal responsiveness, and leverage your centres’ attributes wisely. Maintaining this winning attitude when battling faceoff issues or human competitors guarantees more success in NHL 24’s immersive hockey universe.

Seeking Official Support to Address the Frustrating Bug

If you find that none of these solutions can permanently rid you of the persistent problem of not being able to hold your grip in the game, try searching online or reaching out to EA’s NHL support team through their website or Twitter handle, @EASPORTSNHL. Make sure to report the issue and share any temporary fixes you may have stumbled upon. The more attention this problem gets, the greater the likelihood that EA will feel compelled to address the grip glitch in a future update. So to guarantee the best possible NHL 24 experience, head over to EA’s NHL support site to report bugs, join community discussions on message boards and provide feedback via social media channels. Fan input directly aids the game’s refinement, enhancing longevity and cementing the NHL franchise’s status as the pinnacle hockey video game experience. In the meantime, equip yourself with the insights provided above to effectively combat this error until a definitive solution is implemented.


In summary, NHL 24’s annoying “not holding grip” bug during faceoff situations irritates countless hockey fans. But armed with helpful workarounds like grip adjustments, control scheme experimentation and countermove mastery, players can circumvent this issue and enjoy smoother matches. Persisting through setbacks, observing opponent tendencies and fine-tuning reactions over time alleviates frustrated gamers until official updates eliminate bugs. So adopt these tips to emerge victorious from the faceoff circle, achieve gaming greatness and experience hockey bliss in NHL 24’s spectacular world.

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