NHL 24 Update 1.30 (PS5 Version 1.030) Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

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EA Sports’ latest iteration in their long-running NHL video game franchise, NHL 24, has received its first major gameplay update since launch. Update 1.30 for PlayStation 5 (Version 1.030) introduces a variety of tuning, fixes, and quality-of-life improvements that aim to smooth out issues players have reported since the game’s September release.

NHL 24 Update 1.30 (PS5 Version 1.030) Patch Notes Details: Explore What’s New

Gameplay Adjustments

Leading the extensive list of changes is an initiative to decrease the frequency of penalties for boarding resulting from clean shoulder checks. The patch notes highlight the community’s input, emphasizing that boarding penalties were being imposed too frequently for shoulder checks that were too far from the boards or appeared properly aligned. In response, the developers have refined the logic governing boarding penalties by adjusting when the logic is applied, focusing only on the initial frames of the hit reaction rather than the entire sequence. With these updates, players experiencing frustration should observe a reduction in questionable boarding calls.

Beyond this, additional adjustments have been made to address occasional crashes and fix exploits in gameplay. One notable fix addresses a rare crash occurring in online team play EASHL modes, while another tackles an exploit that permitted players to teleport the puck back to their sticks after executing intricate dekes. The update also includes smaller, yet meaningful, quality-of-life improvements, such as accurate tracking of one-handed deke goals in offline challenge modes.

The Game Lives the Life it Wants to Simulate

Presentation and authenticity see a boost in realism this update as well. The developers updated arena lighting, crowd celebrations, and television broadcast camera angles for a more true-to-life NHL experience. When playing at home arenas, only the player’s scoring plays will cue dramatic spotlighting and lighting effects now. The previously overbearing use of these cinematic moments eventually wore thin over the course of a season. Broadcasting also steps into reality, with adjusted camera angles carefully matched to real-life NHL coverage.

Flex celebrations gain player agency too. After a goal, players can manually trigger over-the-top custom celebrations with a button press, rather than rely on random automatic ones. Letting players choose their dramatic flex moments meshes perfectly with the culture of showmanship and expression that defines modern hockey.

Care and Attention to Game Modes

All game modes receive thoughtful changes both large and small. Franchise mode sees multiple improvements, like accurately generating female coaches for the league’s handful of pioneering women behind the bench in real-life. The Anaheim Ducks’ assistant coach Jessica Campbell can finally get the representation she deserves. Rookie contract logic also gets an overhaul to properly account for goalies in free agency. And Be A Pro players directly benefit from a fix allowing manual line changes while using hybrid controls.

The team put careful attention into World of Chel as well, the fan favorite online hub that houses EA Sports Hockey League competitive team play. Multiple crash and bug fixes improve stability and prevent frustrating interruptions during matches. A paused game state after penalties now correctly grants renewed energy to fatigued players. And one subtle change removes the distracting ice resurfacing cutscene between overtime periods, keeping the tension and drama flowing uninterrupted.

What to Expect Moving Forward

The recent update, version 1.30, underscores EA Canada’s ongoing dedication to enhancing the gameplay and presentation of NHL 24. Expect more refinements in the future, as the game is constructed on a technology foundation that will persist for years, leaving ample room for improvements in all gaming modes. Now that a significant gameplay patch has been implemented, developers can now shift their focus to introducing new content updates, such as the upcoming outdoor stadiums slated for an early 2023 release.

Similar to other contemporary service-based games, NHL 24 serves as a platform that the team will consistently tweak throughout its annual updates. Striking a balance between authentic simulation, arcade-style action, and integrating fan-requested features is a challenging yet ultimately satisfying endeavor for the franchise. If the level of care and attention seen in patch 1.30 becomes the norm moving forward, hockey enthusiasts can anticipate exciting developments as NHL 24 continues its evolutionary journey.

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