Rocket League 2 Release Date PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch Rumours, Leaks, and more

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Have you heard of Rocket League? Oh yeah.. that is why you are on this page. A new soccer game of sorts, where cars play the part of the players on the pitch. It’s really more of a reimaginging of their first game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. The success of Rocket League has surprised many in the gaming community not only in its sales but in its competitive environment. With this competitive spirit, Esports have developed within the game, with Rocket League’s own e-sports aspect that provides major prize pools for competitions.

Psyonix, the game developer who is responsible for the surprise hit Rocket League, has been acquired by Epic Games in May 2019. The studio is known for adding a huge number of new features. Epic Games are responsible for other popular games such as Fortnite. One of their other products is Unreal Engine. Many of the newer AAA games are developed on this engine. With the acquisition of Psyonix by Epic Games, rumors began to float within the community involving a potential sequel to Rocket League. Our team’s analysis of this information should hopefully convince you whether or not this release will be announced in the near future. We take a look at what we know so far about Rocket League 2, which rumors are true and which ones aren’t.

It’s speculated Rocket League 2 will be developed on Epic Games’ new Unreal Engine 4 due to Psyonix being acquired by Epic Games. Rocket League currently runs on the now-outdated Unreal Engine 3. Furthermore, a lot of players are curious to find out exactly what Psyonix is working on, and not just bug fixes and new vehicle designs. With Epic Game’s recent acquisition of Psyonix, it has much more resources to draw upon, and they must be using them in some way.

Rocket League 2 Release Date: When It Is coming?

We can only speculate on behalf of the fans hoping for something new and exciting this time. We don’t know about when they are releasing the new game because they’re busy improving the original game, and working on the new engine update. They are working on porting the game onto the popular Unreal Engine 5.

We’re not even sure if they’re working on new game, but it totally doesn’t matter. There is nothing official yet regarding “Rocket League 2”. It’s impossible to verify if the studio is currently working on an unannounced game or if there is even a game in development.

As of now, Psyonix is releasing add-ons and content to help improve players’ gameplay experience. Players can stick to the original game and enjoy it until they can upgrade.

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