Psychonauts 2: How to find and use Thought Tuner?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Psychonaut’s 2 new “Thought Tuner” mechanic. You can use these tips to find Stray Thoughts in the real world, collect them and convert them into Mind Nodes.

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For the sequel to their hit game Psychonauts, Double fine games have decided to delve in a completely new direction. The setting has now moved from a summer camp to Raz’s mind. To ensure that you get the complete story of the heartbreaking adventure, it’s important that you collect all stray thoughts and make them nodes. To do that, you need to use the Thought Tuner gadget.

What is Thought Tuner?

Now, Of course, the first thing that comes in mind is “What is the Thought Tuner?”. Yeah! Never before seen in video games, the Thought Tuner is a brand new way to experience Psychonauts 2. Thought Tuner is the gadget you need to find stray thoughts and make them nodes in Psychonauts 2. It is a device created by Otto that helps Raz index the energy of stray thoughts to look for items. It can be used in many situations where stray thoughts are present.

Finding stray thoughts is an important part of the Psychonauts 2 game. And the Thought Tuner is a specific tools, also the useful utility in Psychonauts 2 that help you locate these instead of randomly guessing where they are. It allows Razputin to tune into the psychic energy of stray thoughts drifting around in the material world. This resource will be extremely valuable throughout your journey for finding and training new mental abilities.

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The Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2 can be used to find hidden items. When Raz “tunes” into the thoughts, he finds things like the PSI Challenge Marker- a device that will help him with his powers and other unique items as well. A mutli-purpose gadget, it works perfectly in scanning for nearby minds. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Thought Tuner.

Where can I find & use Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2?

You can activate Thought Tuner in different ways. Use your psychic powers anywhere with the Psychonauts 2 Thought Tuner. This device is the key to everything in the Psychonauts 2. Simply holds down the “T” button on PC, and press Left D-Pad in PlayStation & Xbox. It gives you the ability to turn your thoughts into reality in the real world.

You can get a it from Otto Mentallis,who lives in a small cottage not far from Motherlobe. It looks like a headset with a tuning knob on the radio. Before you can do anything, you need to go through some tutorials. These will allow you to understand how to use the Thought Tuner to enter thought nodes. It is a helmet that helps find the stray thoughts in your reality and convert them as nodes with the help of your Mental Connection ability and then catch with Mental Connection.

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Knowing when and where to use Thought Tuner is a key to succeeding in the game. You can’t use Thought Tuner inside brains or minds because there are too many stray thoughts flying around. So use it only in reality. It helps you get into places you couldn’t before.

Using this device is easy. Just equip your device, and the game will alert you to stray thoughts on the map. It’s a thought finding game in which the Thought Tuner will emit a noise to detect stray thoughts around you. It gives out a little beep when there is a thought nearby. The closer you get to stray thoughts, the louder your beeps will become.

Though the beeps might not be heard immediately at first, it will gradually grow louder the closer you get to stray thoughts. If you hear solid red tones instead of flashing green, no stray thoughts are in that area.

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Final Thought

That’s it for the overview of how to use the Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2. If you’re curious about more secrets hidden away, then check out some of them on our site right here on We hope that this blog post will allow you to use Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2 without any difficulties. If you would like to know more about the secrets of Psychonauts 2, we suggest that you visit our other articles on the topic.

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