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How to Show Hidden Files After Antivirus Scan From USB

I am pretty much confident and sure that once in a while you also have experienced this issue. When you are scanning your pen drive with any anti-virus program and after the scanning, you find that there is no data in your pen drive or flash drive. But, however, the size of a pen drive showing full space of data that was in it. The memory bar indicates the utilized space on the pen drive but there is nothing visible even when we connect the same pen drive to the other computer system. Now, to unhide those hidden files You goes to the “view option” then you checked ‚ÄúShow hidden files‚ÄĚ option, but nothing is visible again.

Now, At this point, most of the people Lost their hope and think they cannot recover Or Retrieve their data from the pen drive. But, there is a CMD trick you can easily restore the data.

In this article, we will discuss how to retrieve the hidden data after the antivirus scan. There are two options: 1). Manual or CMD Attrib Command and 2). Using Third-party software.

1. Retrieve Hidden Data or Show Hidden Files using CMD attrib command:

First of all,¬†you have to make sure that you have unchecked the “Hidden items” option in the file explorer view tab. If it is not then and go and uncheck first.

To do this go the file explorer in Windows 10 then click “view” tab ab and uncheck¬†“Hidden items”.

File Explorer>View>Hidden items

CMD attrib command

Open your command prompt. To do this, start your Windows system click on the Windows start button [wp-svg-icons icon=”windows8″ wrap=”i”] then type CMD and run it as administrator. and type the following command:

attrib ‚Äďh ‚Äďr ‚Äďs /s /d g:\*.*

Here is the letter “g” is the drive letter of your pen drive.¬†You have to replace it with your drive letter if needed.

Once you enter the following command, after it you can see all your file Back at the same location where it was. Now you retrieve successfully your file and folder.

2. Recover data using third-party software:

If still, you are not able to recover it then you can try some third-party application or recovery software for deleted file and folder. But actually, they are not free tools. You have to pay for it after the trial period. Following are some recovery software that can help to recover the deleted file folder from the pen drive and hard drive.

Here are the top 5 data recovery tools

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery

  2. Stellar Windows Recovery

  3. Disk Drill

  4. Recuva

  5. MiniTool Partition Recovery

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