How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint In Easy Way

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Everyone knows what a PowerPoint presentation is. Once in a while, we all go through these processes. We all made a PowerPoint presentation in our School and colleges for the projects and we all know what is the value of an effective PPT. It does not matter you are giving a PowerPoint Presentation as a speech or you are sharing it online, you will always want to create an effective presentation that can catch people attention can and make them engaging to your presentation. So, this article is all about “How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint”.

To do so, infographics place a very Vital role in any PowerPoint presentation. It makes a PPT very easy to understand and interesting too. If you use infographics in the right manner, then it is obviously a Win-Win situation for you.

In this article, we will guide you that how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. Follow the following instruction and steps for this.

Note: – Following method requires Powerpoint 2013 and newer of Windows 10. It is because embedded videos do not play in PowerPoint 2010. So make sure to upgrade your PowerPoint to a newer version.

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How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint

YouTube videos are a great way to present your thought and ideas During a PowerPoint presentation. It makes your presentation more professional If you embed YouTube video in it. Embedded YouTube video would not be pop-up to open the YouTube website. It will play in your PPT slide so make sure your internet connection is good.

Now just Follow the steps how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint: –

Steps: –

1). First of all open YouTube And search for the video you want to add in your PPT and then find the embed code of the video. It is very easy to do just click on the video to play and then click on SHARE option from the bottom of the video. Click on Embed and copy the Embed Video code.

how to embed a youtube video in power point

2). Now, open your Microsoft PowerPoint then select your slide in which you want to add YouTube video.

3). Now click on Insert Tab in the top ribbon and then and you will see a Video option on the right upper corner. Click the Video icon and select Online Video from the drop-down menu.

4). After it, a dialogue box appears in which there is two option. First is Search YouTube and the second is From a Video Embed Code. Select From a Video Embed Code.

5). Now paste the embed code you copied in the first step. Paste it in the empty box. See the infographics…!!

embed youtube video in powerpoint

Now that is it, you can quickly preview it by right-clicking on the video in your PowerPoint slide and select Preview option.

Embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint by YouTube search

If you are getting the option to embed a YouTube video then you can also add it by the YouTube search option in PowerPoint.

All the steps are the same as above except Step 1 in which you copy the embed Code of the video, copy the URL of the video now.

Paste the URL link of the video right in front of the YouTube icon. Now the video Tamil and will appear in the slide and you can quickly preview it. Just Right Click on it and Select Preview from the menu.

Pros and Cons


  • Make your presentation attractive and effective.


  • Required a good internet connection.
  • Not compatible with the older version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Now, all done. Hope you like the article. Stay connected with us for more article like this.

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