[Solved] Fix Nvidia GeForce Now Error 0x800B0000: Here’s How To Do?

The GeForce NOW app encountered a hiccup with the error code 0x800B0000, preventing game launches. The error message straightforwardly stated, "There was a problem connecting to GeForce NOW." Interestingly, this glitch only affected the Windows and MacOS apps, leaving the website unaffected and functioning smoothly during this timeframe.

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Nvidia GeForce Now, a popular gaming platform, sometimes has technical glitches like the 0x800B0000 error, disrupting the gaming experience. Despite its usual reliability, users might get confused. In this guide, we’ll explain why this error happens and offer simple solutions to get gamers back to playing smoothly.

Even though the servers seem fine, users face the stubborn 0x800B0000 error on GeForce Now. Many users share this frustration, and the lack of updates from the provider adds to it. This error interrupts game launches, causing headaches for ultimate service subscribers. Are the officials aware, and is there a fix? Keep reading to find out.

Nvidia GeForce Now Error 0x800B0000

Nvidia GeForce Now, a popular cloud gaming platform allowing users to stream games online, has encountered a persistent technical issue leaving players stranded. The error code 0x800B0000 has disrupted gaming sessions for numerous subscribers despite green lights indicating operational servers.

The issue of GeForce Now Error 0x800B0000 is affecting people all over the world and a solution to this problem remains unobtainable. Users have tried rebooting the application, adjusting network settings, switching their connection to Ethernet, or even logging out and back in again, but to no avail. This particular error has a network nature which makes things even worse for people who encounter this strange persistence of this irritating error in their networks at every step they take. With no concrete fixes or communication from Nvidia, users have grown increasingly frustrated. This guide dives into the challenge posed by the elusive error code and provides actionable troubleshooting until a permanent solution arrives.

Workarounds: Fix Nvidia GeForce Now Error 0x800B0000

While an official fix is still awaited, users can attempt several workarounds that have shown promise in addressing error 0x800B0000, at least temporarily. With cloud gaming stability heavily reliant on internet connectivity, most suggestions revolve around network resets. Let’s explore them one by one:

Reset Network Connections

As GeForce Now streams games directly from Nvidia’s cloud servers, network conditions play a pivotal role. Users encountering the error code should first try restarting their routers, modems, and the GeForce Now client itself. This refreshes DNS settings and re-establishes pathways for game data transmission.

Additionally, gamers using VPN connections may consider disabling those as VPN encryption can sometimes interfere with streaming traffic leading to errors. Resetting the network essentially provides a clean slate for stable game streaming.

Check for GeForce Now Updates

Like all software, GeForce Now regularly rolls out updates and bug fixes. Yet, many users forego updating for weeks leading to version mismatch and compatibility issues. Error 0x800B0000 has primarily appeared following recent updates.

It is vital to install the latest GeForce Now update on desktops and laptops immediately if available. For mobile, enable auto-updates in app store settings as well. Updates specifically target performance improvements and error fixes.

Use Web Version as Alternate Access

Interestingly, some users faced error 0x800B0000 only on the GeForce Now desktop app while the web version streamed games without issues. This indicates that the error likely stems from a bug in coding implementation rather than server overload.

As a temporary workaround, gamers should access GeForce Now via popular web browsers like Chrome and Edge. While the web app lacks certain customization options, games launch smoothly allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

Change Server Locations

In addition to client-side fixes, users must optimize server-side parameters as well. GeForce Now runs multiple localized servers to reduce latency and lag while streaming graphic-intensive games. Error 0x800B0000 points to potential server-user routing issues.

Under the settings menu, players should select the “Auto” option that lets GeForce Now choose the fastest server based on user location and network health metrics. Manually overriding server locations risks connecting to overburdened resources.

The auto mode generally balances load efficiently across available capacity. Alternatively, users can test switching to different regions if certain zones face recurring errors.

Change DNS Settings

To switch your DNS server, follow these steps:

1. Open the Run dialog by pressing Windows + R.
2. Type “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter.
3. Right-click on your active network adapter and choose Properties.
4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.
5. Opt for “Use the following DNS server addresses” and input the following details:
– Preferred DNS server:
– Alternate DNS server:
6. Save the changes by clicking OK.

Modify the DNS server setting by opting for Google’s DNS address. To enhance speed, consider selecting the DNS server that is closest to your location, ensuring that the error does not reoccur. By making this adjustment, you can potentially improve your internet connection and enjoy a smoother online experience.

Reinstall GeForce Now Client

If other fixes prove ineffective, the final resort is uninstalling and reinstalling the latest GeForce Now client. During an uninstall, leftover corrupted files often persist and continue creating conflicts with updated reinstalls.

Users must manually clear residual folders before downloading the client afresh from Nvidia’s website and setting up profiles from scratch. This eliminates any remnants that may be triggering error 0x800B0000 repeatedly.

Final Thought

Until Nvidia resolves the error code on its infrastructure, the above measures should provide temporary relief and usable workarounds. However, the onus lies on Nvidia to diagnose the root cause and establish preventive mechanisms through updates.

Moreover, GeForce Now must majorly revamp its customer communication strategy to stay transparent about issues, progress, and resolutions. Paying subscribers deserve priority service above all. Rebuilding user trust should take precedence for Nvidia.

For comprehensive GeForce Now troubleshooting guides, gaming news, and tips visit themrpc.com. Share your experience with error 0x800B0000 and steps taken to resolve it through comments. Happy cloud gaming!

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