How To Log Into Someone’s Instagram Account Without Password?

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Have you ever desired to hack or log into someone’s Instagram account to check their DMs? Sure, it sounds crazy, but even more insane is that it is possible. This blog post has disclosed all the hacks and other service communications. Let dive deeper into it!

Install mSpy

mSpy is a great app that you can use to monitor a person’s activity and read instagram messages without seen or log into someone’s Instagram account. This mobile phone spy app can be used as a security app for your device as a helpful tool to observe your children’s online activities or control your employees.

It starts working when you install it on the target’s device. You can constantly be aware of text messages, instant messages, photos, videos, browsing history, GPS location, emails, phone calls, and more. It silently records everything in the background on the target device and sends all the data to the connected mSpy account.

The software installation is easy, and you don’t need to hold any technical skills.

  • Just purchase a package from the mSpy official page;
  • Install the app on the target’s device;
  • Keep watching over your dashboard for updates.

Try Cunning

There are people with a lot more experience in getting to know the information they need. To get into someone’s Instagram account  you can try to obtain the password. There are three things you do:

  1. Induct – analyze the person’s environment.
  2. Inquest – capture and read signs from the person.
  3. Interact – try to trigger a response from the person by asking them questions, and they might give you the access, surprise!

These three techniques can work as a solution to your question, “how to log into someone’s Instagram without them knowing.”

Shoulder Surfing

You can take the password from somebody using shoulder surfing. Just observe them typing their password. You can also let them use your computer or phone to log into Instagram. As you control the device, you can control to capture all the details typed into it.


You can get into someone’s Instagram with a phishing method. Hackers design fake Instagram pages using specialized tools. You can send an email with a link, hoping the person will click on it and enter the details. But in reality, it’s a trap that outsmarts not only Instagram security features but you. You can’t be sure if you are safe doing this.

Forgot Password Feature

Perhaps this is one of the easiest methods how to log into someone’s Instagram. Stealing passwords the target person saves in their browser is totally free. You must access the login details from that Instagram account.

Follow these steps to access the passwords:

  1. Open the phone and open the login page of the Instagram account;
  2. Click on “forgot password”;
  3. You will be asked to enter your email/username or phone number linked with that account;
  4. You will receive an email from Insta;
  5. Open that email, reset the password, and you’re well!

But be cautious and delete your tracks otherwise the person will find out about your actions.

Am I Safe When Using Spy Apps?

Most of the security-related claims have proven that mSpy is a powerful app that works efficiently. The app’s new security features keep users’ accounts private and secure their data. Thousands of active accounts in 2023 confirmed the mSpy app to be safe and reliable.


We hope this article has answered, “how to get into someone’s Instagram account.” We have given you tips to access the account using the three strategies, phishing and using passwords. But we must admit that the best of all of them is using the mSpy app.

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