Diablo 2 Resurrected Update 1.24 ( PS5 version 1.024) Patch 2.6 Notes Details, Feb 15, 2023

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Blizzard has once again demonstrated their commitment to keeping the Diablo II: Resurrected gaming experience fresh and exciting by releasing Update 1.24, also known as PS5 version 1.024, which brings the highly anticipated Ladder Season 3. This latest Diablo 2 Resurrected Update 1.24 ( PS5 version 1.024) patch offers an abundance of new challenges, gameplay changes, and quality-of-life improvements to the game, which are sure to satisfy even the most experienced players.

Ladder Season Three officially kicks off on February 16, inviting players to put their skills to the test and race to level 99 while accumulating valuable loot. This new season also introduces eight new Rune Words that are set to shake up the leaderboard and offer new players the opportunity to achieve their place among the best.

To add to the excitement, Blizzard is implementing changes to the availability of Sundering Charms, existing Rune Words, and new Horadric Cube Recipes. These updates will provide a fresh and innovative twist to the gameplay experience, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come. This 1.24 ( PS5 version 1.024) will offer both new and experienced players the chance to enjoy a fresh experience while exploring the dark and treacherous world of Diablo 2 Resurrected. Don’t miss out on the excitement – read on for the full Diablo 2 Resurrected Feb. 15 patch notes!

Diablo 2 Resurrected Update 1.24 ( PS5 version 1.024) Patch 2.6 Notes Details, Feb 15, 2023

Blizzard Entertainment’s latest Diablo 2 Resurrected update, version 1.24 (PS5 version 1.024), has arrived, introducing patch 2.6 and Ladder Season 3. With this update comes an array of new features and challenges for players to dive into.

To get your hands on all the details about the upcoming update, simply click on the link provided here. The patch notes will give you an overview of everything that’s new and improved, including any balance changes, new features, or bug fixes that have been added.

Source: Blizzard

Quality-of-life Updates And Bug Fixes

Among the changes is a set of quality-of-life updates and bug fixes that aim to enhance the overall gaming experience. A significant change in the gameplay is that auras from a mercenary or another player will no longer remove passive bonuses granted by the same skill. Additionally, many other class-specific fixes have been implemented.

The patch also features a range of fixes for different character classes, including the Assassin, Amazon, Sorceress, and Druid, ensuring that each class remains balanced and viable.

For instance, Auras from another player or a mercenary no longer remove passive bonuses granted by the same skill. Also, Assassin’s trap skills now benefit from -% to Enemy Resistance, while missiles created from Martial Arts charge up skills will now gain the benefit of +% To Elemental Skill Damage modifiers.

The update also fixes an issue where Strafe was not applying bonus Attack Rating to attacks and an issue where the +% Attack Rating on Power Strike was not being applied. Additionally, the tooltip for Multi Shot has been updated to reflect the synergy bonus.

Other notable changes include fixing an underlying issue that caused the Druid’s Shockwave skill to do an unintended amount of damage, updating the tooltip for Enchant to better reflect the skill’s effects, and fixing issues with Terror Zones.

Terror Zones

The terror zones have also been revamped, ensuring that treasure classes for specific super-unique monsters and bosses are correctly fixed. The update has also addressed various general issues like memory limit, controls, and errors that may occur while creating an online character.

Controller-related Issues

Blizzard has also fixed some controller-related issues in the game, such as skills granted by charges on a character’s alternate slot weapon having their bound hotkeys unusable when loading into a game and the Loot to Cube skill not functioning if bound to the shared interaction button.

General Fixes

The update has also made some general fixes, such as fixing an issue where the Shared Stash could exceed the memory limit, which caused items in the player’s inventory or Stash to be deleted. The Ladder flag in character creation will now be disabled when there is no active Ladder Season, and an appropriate error message will be displayed when players try to create an online character with a name that is already taken on the player’s online character list.


Modding has been given a boost as well, with new columns added, and developers of offline single-player mods can remake their changes with the new data or add the new columns manually before merging.


Overall, the Diablo 2 Resurrected update 1.24 (PS5 version 1.024) with patch 2.6 and Ladder Season 3 is an exciting development for fans of the game, as it adds a host of new features, gameplay changes, and bug fixes. Players can look forward to diving back into the game with fresh characters and competing with others for the top spots on the ladder.


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