FIFA 22: Easy Guide To Fix Crashing, Freezing, Not Loading At Startup, Solve Black Screen & FPS Issues

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While it’s hard to replicate the level of play that you see at the professional level, FIFA 22 is an extremely fun game to play. FIFA 22 is latest instalment in FIFA series, developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It is the latest instalment in the popular football simulation series. Having been launched on October 1st, 2021, it has already received critical acclaim for having awesome gameplay and awesome graphics. But like any game, it can be frustrating when problems like crashing, freezing, not loading at startup, or black screen occur. This article will help you fix FIFA 22 errors. Probably your game is crashing, freezes on startup, get a black screen with mouse pointer, low FPS or lags. We have mentioned some solutions to fix these issues on your FIFA 22.

How To Fix FIFA 22 Crashing, Freezing, Not Loading At Startup, Black Screen, or FPS Issues

To fix FIFA 22 crashing, freezing, not loading at startup, black screen or FPS problems, you need to know how to find the root of the issue. The idea is to analyze what is causing these issues in your PC by following several steps. The further down this article, you will get the solution for the specific issue. Taking the below steps one-at-a-time and trying to launch the game after everyone is possible.

Solution 1). Set FIFA 22 Settings To Default.

Sometimes, we change the game settings to improve the in-game experience. However, sometime it does not work well and result in crashing and freezing of the game. So, setting game settings to its default should be the first option to fix FIFA 22 crashing, freezing, black screen or fps issue. Here how you can do it.

Launch FIFA 22 Launcher on your PC, then navigate to Game Settings, choose Restore Default and finally click OK. Now you are done.

Solution 2). Re-Installation of your Graphics Drivers

Most of the times, the reason for your FIFA 22 game to not start or crashing can be linked to graphic card (video card) drivers. Recently, some players reported that they started to get a little bit of trouble playing their favorite FIFA 22. All the sudden my PC started crashing while running FIFA 22. The issue was pretty simple: it’s because my graphics driver was outdated and was not fully compatible with the game anymore. At last, they decided to uninstall all the drivers in order to re-install it from scratch and able to fix this issue.

However, it is not necessary that crashing and freezing is caused by outdated graphics card only. Sometime it happens because of DirectX as well. Hence, if you’re having trouble with DirectX, it’s possible that your computer is suffering from a graphics driver issue. If this is the case, the first thing you need to do is re-install the drivers.

So, if you wish to uninstall AMD or NVIDIA graphics drivers form computer, then simply use the Windows Search Bar to locate Apps and Features > Search for AMD or NVIDIA graphics drivers > Uninstall the driver. The drivers can now be reinstalled with no trouble. NVidia GPU drivers can be downloaded here, and AMD GPU drivers can be downloaded here. Make sure you check the option for a clean installation in the process.

Solution 3). Run Your Game On A Dedicated Graphics Card.

You can fix Crashing, Freezing, Not Loading At Startup, Black Screen, or FPS Issues in a game by using dedicated graphics card, which has better performance than onboard graphics card. For the best experience, make sure you are running the game on a dedicated graphics card.

In order to run FIFA 22 on a dedicated graphics card card, from the Windows search bar, click on Graphics > Browse > FIFA22.exe (Game Installation Folder). When the item has been added, select Options, check high performance, and click on Save.

Solution 4). Turn Off In-Game Overlay.

Different games use different in-game overlay, but they all have one thing in common. Sometime when you turn on the game, your video card will produce errors. It could be some conflicting issue with Windows. So it should better to Turn this setting Off.

If you’re using Origin or Steam, open Steam, then go to your Games Library > Go to FIFA 22’s settings > Disable Origin or Steam Overlay. Alternately, other applications that have a screen overlay like Discord or GeForce Experience can also be ended by the Task Manager.

Solution 5). Turn Off Full-Screen Optimization.

If you continue to receive the crashing and freezing error message on PC screen, we recommend disabling full-screen optimization for your game could be a good fix.

To do so, navigate to the FIFA 22.exe file > Right-click and select Properties > Under the Compatibility tab, check “Disable Full-Screen Optimizations”

Solution 6). Modify DIRECTX_SELECT Value.

This is another solution you can try if the error is still persisting. Follow the below steps to change the value of “DirectX_Select“.

Changing this value is as simple as searching in the Windows Search bar for “Documents” and opening it. Afterward, Go to the folder of FIFA 22 > right-click on fifasetup > open with notepad. Change the value of “DIRECTX_SELECT” to 1 if it is 0 or to 0 if it is 1. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S.

Solution 7). Use The Compatibility Mode To Play FIFA 22

If your game is crashing or not loading, try running in compatibility mode. You might need to do it in Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. In order to do so, navigate to the Game installation folder > Right-Click on FIFA 22.exe file > Properties > Compatibility > Check Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 8 > Apply > OK

Solution 8.) Play The Game In Windowed Mode.

Some players also reported that launching the game in Windowed Mode also helped to get rid of this issue. They found that the game would not start if it was in Full-Screen mode. It runs on Windowed Mode with no error whatsoever. You can then try resizing the FIFA window and moving it around on the screen. Just follow the below steps to fix this issue.

Start the FIFA 22 Launcher, go to the Game Settings, then choose Windowed/Windowed Borderless, and click OK. Now this is all done.

Solution 9). Disable Xbox Game Bar:

The solution to FIFA 22 freezing and crashing almost seems counter-intuitive because it involves disabling the Xbox Game Bar. It’s not as simple as unplugging your controller and plugging it back in, you actually have to disable the Xbox Game Bar on your Windows 10 PC. Simply just search “Xbox Game Bar” in Windows search bar and click on the first result you see and disable it.

Solution 10). Ensure that Visual C++ Files Are Installed.

Visual C++ could also be the reason for FIFA 22 crashing, freezing, or for not loading at startup issue. Many players have reported, they are unable to play the game. If you too are having problems with the game crashing or freezing, or it won’t load at all, you may need to install or repair Visual C++ files on your PC. This requires the installation of both the x86 and the x64 versions.

Solution 11). Install the latest version of Windows 10 or 11.

There are many players who faced the problem with FIFA 22 were able to fix it by updating the Windows operating system. It seems that there is a compatibility issue between games and Windows 10 or 11, but it can be solved by updating the Windows to its latest version.

To update your Windows PC, simply go to the Setting>Update & Security>Windows Update> Check for update. If there any update are available, then click to install update.

Solution 12). Add FIFA22.exe File To Antivirus’s Exceptions Folder.

Your Antivirus is preventing the FIFA 22 to load causing crashing or freezing of the game. In this case, you should allow the game to Windows Security. You should add FIFA 22 executable file to the Antivirus exceptions folder. This will prevent Antivirus to cause any interfere with the game. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Start Menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security
  • Virus and threat Protection > Manage Ransomware protection > Allow an App through Controlled Folder Access
  • Add an Allowed Apps > Browse all Apps > Open the game installation folder and select FIFA22.exe.

We hope this helped you to fix all the problems you were having. If it did help, consider sharing it with your friends. It’s a good way to repay us when we have given you so much helpful information. Good luck and have fun in FIFA!

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