FIFA 22: Simple Guide To Fix DirectX Function Error With Messages “DXGI Device Hung & DXGI Error Device Removed”

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FIFA 22 is one of the best soccer games released so far because of the numerous improvements made to the gameplay. It comes with a refreshed feel, a bunch of new features, and a much deeper career mode. It is the quintessential EA Sports soccer experience. This brings to life the players, teams, and atmospheres of the sport like no other game. However, getting stuck in FIFA 22 can ruin all the fun, especially when it’s frustrating to get going again. So, here we got bad news for FIFA 22 players. The bad news is that there are DirectX issues in the game. FIFA 22 payers are getting DirectX Function error with messages: “DXGI Device Hung & DXGI Error Device Removed”.

Are you also one of those who are getting FIFA 22 DirectX Function Error with messages DXGI Device Hung & DXGI Error Device Removed? FIFA 22 might be a great game but sometimes, this game brings errors with it. One of them is “DirectX Function Error‘ that was reported by several players after the installation. If you are also facing a similar or related issue, then this article will help you get rid of this issue. So, stick with us till the end to find out the guide for resolving it.


Whether you’re a fan of football games or not, FIFA 22 will quickly get you hooked. This is one of the best and most popular in the FIFA series. FIFA 22 is a sports game developed by EA Canada. The latest FIFA 12 game in the series is a perfect example of what a soccer game should be. With incredible visuals, an excellent variety of game modes, and highly responsive controls, this game has all you would expect out of a soccer game. This installment has just been released on October 1st, 2021 in worldwide. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

How to Fix FIFA 22 DirectX Function Error?

FIFA 22 is one of the most popular game. After installing, you can encounter some errors like DirectX, graphic card error, video card error, gamepad error and more. The DirectX function error we are discussing appears as “GetDeviceRemovedReason” or “DXGI Error Device Removed“. Some users may feel annoyed when facing these issues with FIFA 22. This post will teach you how to fix FIFA 22 DirectX Error. Here are several steps you need to try to fix this error:

Solution #1 – Re-install the graphics drivers folder:

So if you’re having trouble with DirectX, it’s possible that your computer is suffering from a graphics driver issue. If this is the case, the first thing you need to do is re-install the drivers.

So, if you wish to uninstall AMD or NVIDIA graphics drivers form computer, then simply use the Windows Search Bar to locate Apps and Features > Search for AMD or NVIDIA graphics drivers > Uninstall the driver. The drivers can now be reinstalled with no trouble. NVidia GPU drivers can be downloaded here, and AMD GPU drivers can be downloaded here. Make sure you check the option for a clean installation in the process.

Solution #2 – You Should Enable The Dedicated Graphics Card:

Many computer users make the mistake of thinking that installing video games automatically enables their dedicated graphics card. This, however, is not the case. When you enable your dedicated graphics card, games run more smoothly on your computer. Here’s how to do it.

To make sure your Dedicated Graphics Card is enabled, Go to your Windows search bar and search for “Device Manager“. Open it and go to the Expand Display Adapters > Right-Click on the Dedicated Graphics Card > Enable Device. That is very easy to do so.

Solution #3 Run The Game On Your Dedicated Graphics Card

You can fix DirectX function error in a game by using dedicated graphics card, which has better performance than onboard graphics card. For the best experience, make sure you are running the game on a dedicated graphics card.

In order to run FIFA 22 on a dedicated graphics card card, from the Windows search bar, click on Graphics > Browse > FIFA22.exe (Game Installation Folder). When the item has been added, select Options, check high performance, and click on Save.

Solution #4 Turn Off The In-Game Overlay:

Different games use different in-game overlay, but they all have one thing in common. Sometime when you turn on the game, your video card will produce errors. It could be some conflicting issue with Windows. So it should better to Turn this setting Off.

If you’re using Origin or Steam, open Steam, then go to your Games Library > Go to FIFA 22’s settings > Disable Origin or Steam Overlay. Alternately, Other applications that have a screen overlay like Discord or GeForce Experience can also be ended from the Task Manager.

Solution #5 Turn Off Full-Screen Optimization:

If you continue to receive an error message when using DirectX in full screen mode, we recommend disabling full-screen optimization for your game could be a good fix.

To do so, navigate to the FIFA 22.exe file > Right-click and select Properties > Under the Compatibility tab, check “Disable Full-Screen Optimizations”

Solution #6 Modify DirectX_Select Value:

This is another solution you can try if the error is still persisting. Follow the below steps to change the value of “DirectX_Select“.

Changing this value is as simple as searching in the Windows Search bar for “Documents” and opening it. Afterward, Go to the folder of FIFA 22 > right-click on fifasetup > open with notepad. Change the value of “DIRECTX_SELECT” to 1 if it is 0 or to 0 if it is 1. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S.

The FIFA 22 DirectX function error is a common issue that mainly occurs due to incompatibility of the game’s latest version with the graphics card. The guide provides helpful tips that can help you to troubleshoot this issue quickly. We hope that this article has helped you get rid of the FIFA 22 DirectX Function Error. If yes, why don’t you leave us a comment or share it with your friends.

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