Hogwarts Legacy New Update For Feb. 14: Major Bug Fixes for Xbox and PC Players

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Hogwarts Legacy, the latest role-playing game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, has just received a major update in the form of the Feb. 14 Patch Notes. The new build version, 1120320, brings a host of improvements to the game’s overall performance and stability, as well as addressing several bugs and issues that players have been experiencing.

Hogwarts Legacy Update for Feb. 14, 2023 Patch Notes Details

The developer promised in a note that the patch will enhance online connectivity and resolve gameplay performance issues. They fixed the problem with achievement data not getting pushed to the Wizarding World portal after linking, which was a significant fix. Now players can feel confident that their achievements will be precisely recorded and displayed for everyone to see.

We’ve painstakingly condensed all the exciting news about the Hogwarts Legacy Update for Feb. 14, 2023 Patch Notes into a concise and easily digestible summary. However, for those who are looking for an immersive and thorough read, we’ve included a link that will take you to a detailed breakdown of the update. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magical world of Hogwarts and discover all the latest features and improvements that will make your gaming experience even more spellbinding.

Gameplay Issue Fixed

Several gameplay-related issues have also been addressed in this patch, including an issue with owl mail not properly triggering sequential missions and rare crashes related to in-game world events spawning. There were also rare crashes related to respawning NPCs in the world and NPC schedules, which have now been fixed.

UI, Cinematic

The patch doesn’t just fix the existing issues, but it also deals with the user interface problems. This includes updated localization text, mission description displays, and several other minor issues. It also has some more significant fixes, such as correcting the VFX presentation of robe transformation in cinematics. You’ll find that it’s more stable when you’re skipping cutscenes and that you won’t crash when playing cutscenes or cinematics. These changes should make the overall experience much smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

Switch Pro controller support updates have also been made, and frame generation is now enabled while DLSS is disabled. Anti-Aliasing and Screen resolution settings are now disabled when using DLSS and not Super Resolution, and the default setting for Raytracing has been adjusted to Medium Quality.

Auto Save Issue Fixed

One of the most significant improvements in this patch is related to save games, with errors of rewriting the last autosave slot now fixed. The patch also addresses an issue when restarting from the last save around not being able to talk to a vendor after initial conversation. This resolves a long list of reported issues and will undoubtedly improve the overall player experience.

Performance And Stability Issues

The patch also addresses several performance and stability issues, including improved performance on Fidelity mode, fixes for rare crashes related to hovering over the map, and wind causing distortion and stretching of world assets. Additionally, a rare occurrence of material swapping, map assets state, and in-game world events crashing have been resolved.

Improvements On Xbox Series X And PC Steam/PC Epic Games

For Xbox Series X players, the patch also includes improvements to crash collection to help chase rare crashes. PC Steam/PC Epic Games players will be pleased to know that the patch addresses issues with missing or improperly playing audio in cinematics, updates to Switch Pro controller support, and enhancements to shader compilation performance and functionality.

One should take note that in order to run Hogwarts Legacy on PC, DirectX Version 12 is a necessity. Using workarounds to run the game with DirectX Version 11 is not advisable, as it can create stability issues and ruin the player experience. It’s important to keep in mind that DirectX Version 12 is the only safe option for running the game on PC.

Overall, Feb. 14 update for Hogwarts Legacy is a great step forward. The developer really cares about improving the game. They are working hard to make sure the game is stable and performs well. This is good news for players who want a great experience. The update will be released soon, so there’s more to look forward to!


In conclusion, the Hogwarts Legacy update for Feb. 14 Patch Notes is a significant improvement to the overall gameplay experience. The bug fixes and performance enhancements will make the game more enjoyable for players. It’s good to see the developers are working hard to improve the game and provide an enjoyable experience for all players. With the upcoming PS5 update, it’s clear that the developers are committed to providing a high-quality game that meets the expectations of Harry Potter fans worldwide.

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