Hogwarts Legacy: How To Fix Moth Not Showing Up?

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Hogwarts Legacy is the latest addition to the world of Harry Potter, offering players a chance to immerse themselves in a magical world of adventure and choice. The game has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, with many praising its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and immersive world. The core narrative of the game is the reason to play, and it is the same for everyone. However, it is how players approach it that allows them to truly become their own witch or wizard of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. Players have the freedom to make choices that affect the story, and they can interact with the world around them in meaningful ways. Unfortunately, like many video games, Hogwarts Legacy has encountered some bugs and glitches. One such bug is the Moth not appearing bug, which has been reported by many players.

This Moth not appearing bug occurs when players enter the Depulso 2 room, located next to the Sphinx Statue, and the moth that is supposed to be present in the room is missing. This bug has caused frustration and disappointment among players, with some even reporting losing progress due to the bug. In this article, we’ll delve into the issue, its impact on gameplay, and provide tips on how to fix moth not showing up in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How To Fix Moth Not Showing Up In Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated video games of the year, and fans have been eagerly waiting for its release. However, some players have been experiencing a frustrating bug known as the Moth Not Appearing. This bug prevents players from progressing in the game and has caused quite a stir among the gaming community.

Experts are still uncertain about the exact cause of the Moth Not Showing Up bug. But, players suspect the game’s intricate programming and different elements could be the culprits. Some players claim that the bug results from the graphics settings, though. That should put some players’ minds at ease, as they feared more significant problems with the game.

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PC players who have been experiencing the Moth Not Appearing bug should try changing their graphic settings to Ultra, turning RTX ON, removing DLSS from the display settings, setting the rendering resolution to 100%, and enabling DLAA. These steps may sound complicated, but they are essential to getting the game to work properly. After completing the steps, the player should save the game. They must then close the game and reopen it. This is the recommended course of action.

On PS5

For PS5 players, changing the settings to Fidelity and turning RTX ON may help fix the bug. This is a much simpler solution, but it is still essential to save the game and restart it after making these changes.

If the Moth doesn’t show up, try fast traveling and saving the game. Close it and start over. Some players found this works and let them continue playing.

It is essential to note that these steps may not work for all players. The Moth Not Appearing bug is a frustrating issue that developers are likely working on fixing. In the meantime, players should try these solutions and keep an eye out for any updates or patches that may be released to address the problem.


To conclude, the Moth Not Appearing bug is causing frustration for certain players in Hogwarts Legacy. The problem’s root cause remains a mystery, but some have had luck tweaking graphics settings on PC and PS5. Players should be cautious and save their progress before trying any solutions. It’s best to remain patient while awaiting a developer update or patch. With determination and a bit of waiting, Hogwarts Legacy players can keep exploring the enchanting world of Hogwarts.

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