Download Avatar: Reckoning APK Latest Version For Android + OBB Data

Just like the original, Avatar: Reckoning will let you create your own Avatar and take him/her on a journey to Pandora. This is a multiplayer online FPS game, so you will also be able to play with your friends.

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The wait is finally over! The brand new Avatar: Reckoning game has entered early access and that means you can now get your hands on the game, almost. That’s right, you read it right. Avatar: Reckoning is a new MMORPG action game set in the Avatar universe.

We know that a lot of you are anxious to get your hands on and try the new Avatar: Reckoning game, and we can’t blame you. All the excitement has been really over the top when everyone got to learn that they were getting a brand new sequel to play.

While the game is not completely out yet, It is out in Early Access, which means that you can download Avator: Reckoning APK for Android right now, but some features might be unavailable.

Just yesterday, Avatar’s brand new game was announced, and we already have reports that the alpha (early access) will go live in Canada later today. You will, therefore, be able to access the Avatar: Reckoning APK download link as soon as it becomes available.

Avatar: Reckoning is a free-to-play mobile first shooter game set in the fictional world of Pandora, the alien moon. It offers you with a cinematic gaming experience and its physics-based combat mechanic will have you hooked.

You will be amazed at the impressive 3D graphics of this new generation. Fight with your friends in this multiplayer online role-playing FPS game. You may need to have at least 4GB RAM on your Android phone.

Avatar: Reckoning Android Features:

Download Avatar: Reckoning APK Latest Version For Android + OBB Data 1

On the Google Play Store (Canada), the developers at Sixjoy Limited have revealed the following features:

Mobile-Optimized Shooter:

Fans of first-person shooters will find a lot to love here. Avatar Reckoning is the perfect blend of single and multiplayer action, combining best elements of shooter and MMORPG genres into one seamless experience.

Engaging combat with intuitive touch screen controls, with simple but crisp graphics, High-quality visuals, and an engaging story. that immerses players in the new world of Pandora.

Customize Your Own Avatar:

Now you can customize your own avatar to suit your needs, play as whatever kind of hero you prefer, and search for other players that are also interested in a specific class!

Become the hero you’ve always dreamed of being in this latest role playing game. You can customize your own avatar to suit your needs, play as whatever kind of hero you prefer.

Choose whatever class you wish, arm yourself with the most powerful weaponry available, and make it to the top of the ranks.

Make an avatar that looks insanely awesome, with unique skills, powers, and aesthetics.

Stunning Visuals:

Pandora is a beautiful-looking place. There’s a lot to see in the world of Avatar: Reckoning. You’ll find strange and fascinating creatures, unique landscape, and a whole lot more.

Immerse yourself in the universe of Pandora, from floating mountains to bioluminescent rainforests.

Take on Pandora’s Perils:

Experience exciting single-player story missions or team up with friends for intense multiplayer missions and dungeon raids.

Avatar: Reckoning is still under active development and is expected to update frequently throughout the year. We will update this page with more features, system requirements as they are available. So please check back often!

Those of you who live in Canada can pre-register on TapTap and Google Play Store for Avatar: Reckoning – or they can use a VPN to get access to the country.

Download Avatar: Reckoning APK Latest Version For Android + OBB Data (Early Access)

Download Avatar: Reckoning APK Latest Version For Android + OBB Data 2

Android and tablet users can download the latest version of Avatar: Reckoning APK from here. We recommend you at least have 3 GB of space available on your device, given that the total size of the installation files is around 1.2 GB.

It is important to note that this is not a final APK from the Google Play Store because this game is only available in Canada at the moment. There are, however, third-party services such as TapTap that allow you to download the game immediately.

View the following video to see a short gameplay trailer for Avatar: Reckoning:

Download: Avatar: Reckoning APK 

How to Install Avatar: Reckoning APK

In order to manually install an Android game from an APK file, just follow these steps if it is your first time:

  • Click on the link above to download the APK file and install it by tapping on it.
  • In case you aren’t able to do so, make sure you have enabled the option for Install from Unknown Sources.
  • Once that is done, you can launch the game. Enjoy playing the game now!

If your game is crashing, there’s a high chance that the APK was not downloaded correctly. We recommend downloading both files and trying again if that happens.

We’ll be updating the game throughout Early Access with new content, including more characters and game modes.

You can find the game on the Google Play Store by clicking here. Or if you want to read more about what’s coming up in Early Access, check out our blog. Thanks for reading!

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