Best Fortnite Gyro Controls and Flick Stick Settings | Simple Guides to Play Like a Pro

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As Fortnite Battle Royale and other games continue to grow in popularity, so does the community of players trying to solve the ever-changing quandary of how to configure the controls.

There are a lot of confusing guides for Fortnite gyro controls. Some of them teach you a control scheme that works great on console and not so great on a mouse/keyboard. Some, just tell you what sticks to disable and when to disable them.

You’re reading this guide because you want the best Fortnite gyro controls, right? To play like the pros? No matter what game you’re playing, flicking the stick is almost always better than tapping (not touchpad-style).

With flick sticks you will turn your two joysticks into one giant thumbstick. This makes it easy to line up shots in almost any direction and incredibly easy to move while you line up shots.

Learn how to tweak your Fortnite Gyro Controls for best performance. Here are the simple guides for best Fortnite gyro controls and flick stick settings.

Best Fortnite Gyro Controls and Flick Stick Settings

PlayStation DualShock 4/DualSense and and the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are the revolutionary game controller. This technology has changed the way the world plays games. These controllers are equipped with gyroscopes, which are used to measure movement. This gives them the ability to track a full range of motion, allowing users to control character movements and camera angles by moving the controller itself.

When you are playing a game like Fortnite or PUBG and you are trying to land accurate shots or get the right angle on your boom boom. It would be great if there was an easy way to move around without using the sticks or buttons.

But Playing Fortnite on your PC can be a bit tricky with the game being optimized for consoles. Add in some spotty internet connection and you are bound to jerk around left and right, like you are trying to swim upstream. Not only is it frustrating but it also will get you killed rather quick.

Wouldn’t it be super if you could play Fortnite from the comfort of your couch like you are used to but still enjoy a great advantage over your opponent? Don’t you wish for some gyro controls for PC gaming? If so then read on!

The Best Fortnite Gyro Controls settings reviewed today will provide for a smooth PC gaming experience. If you want to get as close to console-like precision than these controllers will fit the bill perfectly.

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Pro Gyro Controls and Flick Settings 

Best Fortnite Gyro and Flick Settings

To enable gyro controls, click the Touch and Motion tab in the Fortnite Settings menu.

  • Gyro Aiming: On. This turns on the gyro controls.
  • Active Mode (Combat): Scope or Aiming. Using this option will let you use gyro with any weapon.
  • Active Mode (Building): Always. Your controller will now support both building and editing using gyros.
  • Look Stick Effect: Disables for beginners. When you use the right stick, the gyro will be disabled. Gyros are not needed for professional players or those with experience in using them. While using the right stick, this option has no impact on the gyro.
  • Sensitivity: 0.5, It is recommended that you maintain a sensitivity of this level or even lower, because a higher sensitivity could ruin your aim if you move your hand unintentionally.
  • Flick Stick: On. It allows players to flick in a particular direction. When you turn the look stick to the right, the camera will also flick right rather than turn towards it as it usually would. Keep in mind that this only allows you to turn the camera left and right, so if you want to look up or down, you will need gyro controls enabled.
  • Advanced Gyro Options: Off. Despite their ubiquity, these settings can cause confusion for new players, and even some pros have difficulty understanding them. It won’t take you long to get your hands into gyro controls once you’ve felt comfortable with them. You have the option of turning on this option if you would like more control over your gyro. There are several things you can change about your Gyro.
    • Settings
    • Orientation
    • Filters
    • Options

Other settings not listed here can be left at their defaults. It is important to note that when using gyro settings, the aim assist will be disabled.


If you want to improve your Fortnite aim and play like a pro, using gyro controls and using the flick stick settings are two really easy ways to do so. With just a couple minutes worth of setup, you can be on your way to scoring some more kills. And if you have any other tips or tricks worth sharing related to Fortnite’s control settings, please let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your input on what you think are the best Fortnite controls! You can also check the Fortnite section here to know more about news and update. Happy Gaming!

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