Apex Legends Patch 2.31 Released: What’s New in the August 21 Update

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Respawn has recently rolled out Apex Legends update 2.31, surprising players with yet another unannounced patch. Although the previous Resurrection patch was a significant update, this latest release is more focused on addressing various issues and providing fixes. Dive into the details of the latest changes as outlined in the Apex Legends patch notes for August 21.

Apex Legends Update Patch 2.31 Full Details

Unfortunately, the official patch notes from Respawn are not available at this moment. However, a glimpse into what’s being addressed can be gleaned from the official Apex Legends Trello board:

Currently Under Investigation:

1. Stuttering at High FPS: Players experiencing stuttering during certain gameplay scenarios while playing at 165+ frames per second (FPS).

2. Legend Rotation Issue: Some players notice that Legends rotate unexpectedly upon exiting a Trident vehicle.

3. Crashes and FS_CheckAsyncRequest: Instances of crashes that reference FS_CheckAsyncRequest while loading into a map.

4. Revenant’s Shooting Direction: Revenant occasionally faces a mismatch between his shooting direction and his visual orientation.

Fixes in Progress – To Be Implemented in Future Patch:

1. Spectator Mode Statistics: Players currently can’t view the damage and stats of remaining players and teammates while in spectator mode.

2. Challenge Rerolling Issue: There’s a problem preventing players from rerolling challenges.

3. Valkyrie’s Blade Barrage Bug: An issue with Valkyrie’s Blade Barrage ability getting unequipped when returning to the lobby.

4. Static Ranked Badges: The ranked badges in the Arsenal mode are static and lack animation.

5. Revenant Legend Unlock Bug: Some players encounter an issue where Revenant’s legend doesn’t unlock after completing challenges until the game is restarted.

6. Post-Match Player Card Glitch: An occurrence of additional white pixels appearing near stats on post-match player cards.

These updates provide a snapshot of the ongoing efforts by the Apex Legends development team to improve the player experience. As we anticipate the release of the official patch notes at any moment, stay tuned for further updates to this article. Your Apex Legends gameplay is sure to benefit from these upcoming fixes and refinements.

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