V Rising: How To Make & Farm Glass With Simple Guide

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V Rising is a survival action-adventure game with multiplayer mode, where you play a weakened vampire who has woken up from slumber in this unforgiving world. As a vampire, you must overcome all the obstacles you encounter if you want to grow strong enough to dominate. For that, you must gather resources, battle against the opponents and build up your castle and army. All the resources in the game are valuable for survival. One of them is Glass, which will help you to be free from sunlight. This guide will show you how to Make and Farm Glass in V Rising in order to not only accumulate more but also help you succeed in the game.

V Rising: How to Make & Farm Glass | Know Everything Here

To create Glass, you will need 15 to 20 Quartz. Put those Quartz into a Furnace, and you will get a piece of Glass. You can get Quartz by mining it from Quartz Nodes found in the east of Dawnbreak Village and Dunley Monastery. If you’re looking for Quartz, check the Caves, where you’ll find it most often. If you are a miner and you are looking for iron and copper, it is likely that you will also find quartz. Another great farming spot is Dunley Monastery, you can also find some Glass there.

Speaking of Dunley Monastery, you can also farm up some Glass there. Although it is preferred to get Quartz, it is one way of getting it without the smelting work.

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There are many ways to craft Glass especially in the game. When you kill V Blood, Christina the Sun Priestess will drop a crafting recipe for Glass. In addition to other recipes, she will drop Empty Glass Bottles, Holy Resistance Potions, and Blood Rose Potions. When you’re looking for more Quartz in your travels, don’t forget to pick up as much as possible!

Quartz is a key item for crafting Magical Items like Scourgestone and Scourge Pendant. You can also craft other Pendants – and even Dark Silver!

We hope all of you have enjoyed reading through these tips as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them together for you. They’re very simple to follow and if you stick with it, you’ll be farming Quartz in no time. Stay tuned for more guides like this one coming soon!

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