FIFA 22: How To Skip Cutscenes On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One

If you have landed here, I’m sure you have been wondering how to skip cutscenes in FIFA 22 like a pro. Well, that’s what this guide is all about.

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The FIFA franchise has been around for a long time and every year, new features are added to the game. FIFA 22, the latest instalment in EA Sports’ famous football simulation franchise, is now available across various platforms. The game has some great new features and offers players a more realistic gameplay experience than ever before. However, some of these features can become annoying after a while. One of those thing that really bothers players across all platforms is the long cutscenes that appear throughout the game. If you are playing the PC version of FIFA 22, you will notice that the game has a lot of cutscenes that take place during matches. These cutscenes can sometimes make the game less fun to play because they add an unnecessary amount of downtime between your actions. So, If you’re tired of watching cutscenes every time you want to play a match, you may want to learn how to skip them in FIFA 22 on PC. Here’s how!

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FIFA 22: How To Skip Cutscenes On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One?

There are plenty of great things to say about the new FIFA 22 but let’s talk about the unskippable cutscenes. They have always been an issue for football fans around the world. Now imagine you’re playing FIFA 22 and on the way to becoming a legend, But just when you’re about to show off your skills, an unskippable cutscene stops you. It’s probably not enough to make you hate the game but as a football fan, it jut kills the excitement by doing different things and mashing their buttons.

These cutscenes can be skipped but it’s not as simple as pressing a button. We’ve compiled some rather simple methods that will have you skipping those unfortunate cutscene moments in no time.

If you’re using a PC and want to skip a FIFA 22 cutscene, it depends on which controller you’re using. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard, a PS5 controller, or an Xbox controller, there are different ways to skip the cutscene. That’s why we’re going to show you how to skip them on a PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox one.

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  • On PS4/PS5 or Using PS4/PS5 Controller On PC: Press and hold the Square
  • Players On Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S or By Using Xbox One Controller On PC: Press and hold X
  • On Nintendo Switch or Using Nintendo Switch Controller On PC: Press and Hold Y
  • On PC Using Mouse And Keyboard: Hold Space or Mouse 1


Hopefully, our tips above helped you in solving the problem of the unskippable cutscenes in FIFA 22. We are always looking for new ways to improve our guide and make it more complete. If you still want to leave your comment with any additional information that may be useful for other users, we will gladly read it and try to add it to the guide if necessary.

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