Sons Of The Forest: Top Base Building Locations On Map

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If you’re a fan of survival games, you’ve probably heard of Sons of the Forest. It’s the highly-anticipated sequel to the indie hit, The Forest, and promises to take survival gameplay to the next level. One of the key aspects of the game is building your own base, where you can store your supplies, craft items, and protect yourself from the dangers that lurk in the wilderness. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best places to build your base in Sons of the Forest. These locations have been chosen based on our own experiences playing the game, and we hope they will be helpful to you as you explore the game’s vast and dangerous world.

Sons Of The Forest: Top Base Building Locations On Map 1

Sons Of The Forest: The Best Places to Build Your Base for Maximum Defense

Sons Of The Forest is a survival game that challenges players to stay alive in a dangerous forest filled with enemies and hazards. To survive, players must build a base where they can store their resources, craft weapons, and defend themselves against attackers. However, finding the right location for your base can be a challenge, as the forest is filled with danger at every turn. In this article, we will explore the top 3 best places to build your base in Sons Of The Forest.

3. Under the Mountain

Our first base location is a peaceful spot located under a mountain. The area is surrounded by water, fish, and wildlife, making it an ideal location for survival. The water also provides a natural barrier that can help protect your base from enemies. While we have not personally set up a base in this location, we have seen many players do so successfully.

If you choose to build your base here, you may want to consider building it on the water to protect it from enemies. Additionally, you can set up traps and defenses to further protect yourself from attackers. With plenty of resources available in the area, you should have no problem surviving in this location.

Sons Of The Forest Top Base Building Locations On Map

2. Bunker Base

Our second recommended location is the bunker base. This is the first place we set up our permanent base, and it proved to be a great spot for survival. The area is rich in wildlife, with plenty of deer, fish, and small animals to hunt.

There is also a bunker located in a nearby cave, which respawns new loot every time you load into the game. However, after around 20 days, we encountered a huge amount of enemies in the area, and we decided to move on to a new location. This was likely due to our failure to set up proper defenses and traps.

Sons Of The Forest: Top Base Building Locations On Map 2

If you decide to set up your base here, we recommend building traps and defenses to fend off enemy attacks. This location has plenty of resources to keep you going, so with the right precautions, it can be an excellent place to build your base.

1. Tiny Island

Our top pick for the best base location in Sons of the Forest is the tiny island. This location is perfect for building a base as it is practically inaccessible to enemies. The only way for enemies to reach your cabin is by building a bridge to the island or during the winter when the water is frozen.

Sons Of The Forest: Top Base Building Locations On Map 3

The island is also a great spot for fishing, with fish jumping onto the island that can be easily caught with an axe. Enemies only spawn every few days, so you can focus on building your base without constant interruptions. If you want to transport logs to the island, you can also build a zipline to make it easier.

Overall, the tiny island is an excellent choice for building a base, and we highly recommend it. With its natural defenses and abundance of resources, you should have no problem surviving in this location.


In conclusion, these are our top 3 picks for the best base locations in Sons of the Forest. Our guide aims to assist you in locating the perfect spot. But don’t forget, danger can be found anywhere in the wilderness. Therefore, always be ready to face the threats that may arise. No matter what, be prepared to survive.

Sons Of The Forest: Top Base Building Locations On Map 4

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