[Solved] How to Fix The Finals Mouse Freeze or Stuck Issue in the Game?

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Engaging in intense video game competitions, such as The Finals, demands swift reflexes and seamless controls. There’s nothing more aggravating than encountering a sudden glitch with your mouse – be it disconnection, freezing, or getting stuck – especially when you’re on the brink of making a crucial move or securing a last-minute triumph. The abrupt loss of responsiveness and control not only disrupts the flow of the game but can also turn an otherwise thrilling match into a frustrating experience. It’s essential to pinpoint the reasons behind these mouse performance hiccups in The Finals to get back to smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

By utilizing practical troubleshooting methods and adjusting settings, you can tackle the irksome issue of mouse freeze or getting stuck in The Finals and get back to dominating your opponents with ease.

What’s Causing The Finals Mouse Freeze or Stuck Issue in Every Few Seconds

Fixing mouse problems in The Finals is easier if you know what’s causing them. Performance hiccups usually boil down to hardware issues like outdated drivers or low battery. Software conflicts can also mess things up. Figure out what’s affecting your mouse, and then try some quick fixes to get it back on track during the game. Don’t let these annoyances ruin your gameplay—solve them and enjoy a smoother experience.

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How to Fix The Finals Mouse Freeze or Stuck Issue in the Game?

Once you’ve pinpointed the likely factors behind your mouse issues in The Finals, you can start testing targeted solutions. Here are some of the most effective ways to troubleshoot mouse disconnects, freezes or stuck problems during your The Finals gaming sessions:

Fix 1: Change Mouse Polling Frequency

One of the first things to check is your mouse’s polling frequency or report rate. This refers to how often your mouse communicates its position to the computer – measured in Hz. A higher polling frequency reduces input lag but can sometimes overwhelm games like The Finals and cause performance issues.

Try lowering your mouse polling rate to 500 Hz or even 250 Hz by adjusting the settings in your mouse software or Windows settings. This reduces the rate of positional updates to your PC and prevents overloading The Finals game servers. Stick with lower polling rates while playing The Finals to see if it resolves any mouse disconnect or freeze issues.

Fix 2: Disable Full Screen Optimization

To fix the problem of your Finals Mouse freezing during games, try turning off fullscreen optimizations. When your mouse acts up and ruins your gaming flow, messing with this setting might help. Give it a shot, and your mouse should work better, making your gaming experience smoother.

Fix 3: Update Mouse Drivers

Outdated, buggy or corrupt mouse drivers can easily cause the types of response and control issues experienced in The Finals. Always make sure you have the latest drivers installed from the mouse manufacturer’s website. Updating to recent stable drivers minimizes the chances of conflicts arising.

For mice like Logitech, Razer and Corsair brands, visiting their sites directly gives you access to tailored driver updates for your specific model. Take a quick moment to check for driver updates and rule out any software-related culprits behind mouse lag or interrupted response issues in the game.

Fix 4: Check Wireless Mouse Battery Levels

While the freedom of wireless mice is nice, they obviously rely on battery power to keep working smoothly. Letting batteries discharge too much can easily cause wireless mice to start glitching out with choppy response or temporary disconnects.

Take a second while playing The Finals to click any battery indicator buttons on your wireless mouse and view the estimated runtime remaining. If battery levels are getting low, install a fresh set right away or connect to a charging cable to prevent unpredictable disconnects during intense gaming moments.

Fix 5: Disable V-Sync in The Finals

In games like The Finals, the V-Sync setting syncs your monitor’s refresh rate with the game’s frame rate to prevent screen tearing. But, it can cause lag in mouse movements, affecting precision.

To check if disabling V-Sync helps, turn it off in the graphics settings. Without V-Sync, mouse movements directly affect the display, reducing lag but risking screen tearing. Find the setting that suits your setup best.

Fix 6: Use DirectX 11 Renderer in The Finals

To make sure your games run smoothly, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest graphics technology. In The Finals game, go to video settings and pick DirectX 11 for better communication between your computer’s GPU and CPU. Switching from the old DirectX 9 to DX11 can fix mouse stutters and disconnections, ensuring your hardware works efficiently and preventing delays or lost commands.

Fix 7: Check for System Overheating Issues

When you play intense games, your computer can get too hot, causing it to slow down to avoid damage. This slowdown, called throttling, also makes your mouse lag or disconnect. Use free software like HWMonitor to see if your computer is too hot (above 75-80°C). If it is, clean your computer or upgrade its cooling to keep it cool and avoid gaming interruptions.

Check for common issues affecting your mouse, and fix them to improve your gaming experience during The Finals. Don’t let performance issues bring you down—troubleshoot and get your mouse back on track.


Dealing with annoying mouse issues during intense gaming is no fun. Learn what causes problems like disconnects and skips in games, such as The Finals, and try targeted solutions. Adjust mouse settings, update drivers, check battery levels, and tweak in-game options. Small changes can make a big difference in mouse performance. Patience is key when troubleshooting mid-game, but soon you’ll be back to dominating. For more gaming tips and solutions, check themrpc.com regularly. Don’t settle for frustrating sessions – help is just a click away!

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