Pet Simulator X: How To Get The Dominus Egg By Unlocking The Forsaken Gate

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Roblox Pet Simulator X is a worldwide hit, and with its exciting gameplay and all-round impressive features, it’s not hard to see why. With countless hours of entertainment and fun in the game, it’s no wonder so many players are hooked on it!

Roblox’s Pet Simulator X is a game that lets you collect different types of pets and then send them to do the work for you. You can use their concerted efforts to collect diamonds and coins, which you can spend on new pets or upgrades you already have. This gives players a chance to collect and develop a wide variety of pets, from the average dog to mythological entities.

Once you’ve worked your way deeper into the game, it’s time to start collecting dominoes. They are the highest level pets you can get in Roblox, and they are also the hardest to get. How do you get one? Well, there are a few different ways – but lucky for you, I’m going to tell you how to get Dominus with the least amount of effort.

It’s a perfect game for people of all ages – young children love to send their pets to do chores for them, while adults enjoy the social aspect of the game.

Acquiring a Dominus Egg is the ultimate goal for many players, and for good reason — their unique abilities make them highly valuable in all kinds of fights. To power up a pet to a Dominus, though, you must first get your hands on an egg. Although they’re rare and highly-sought after, this guide will show you the way to find Dominus Eggs in the game.

The Fastest Way To Get Diamonds In Pet Simulator X

When you’re aiming to get a Dominus Pet, make sure to take a look at your in-game achievements — they could net you some free rewards. Also, make sure to collect Diamonds while you’re playing: they can be used to unlock pets, fuse them eventually that will make it easier to get more achievements. If you want even more diamonds and rewards without having to work for them, codes are another great way to grab some free rewards!

Here are the current active pet simulator x codes you can use — but note that you must type them in exactly as shown, or they won’t work.

  1. Release – 1,000 Diamonds
  2. DiscordDiamonds – 10,000 Diamonds
  3. Super25k – 5,000 Diamonds
  4. Lucky50k – Super Lucky Boost
  5. Triple80k – Triple Coin Boost
  6. Easy125k – Super Lucky Boost
  7. EzDiamonds150k – 10,000 Diamonds

Note: These are the codes expired and currently not working in pet simulator x. I’ll be updating this post regularly with more codes as they come in.

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The Pet Simulator X game is fun, but to advance in it you have to spend a lot of time or Robux — unless you’re VIP. Being VIP gives you access to the VIP room which has diamonds galore. While they still have to grind, they can at least enjoy their rewards and enjoy the game.

Steps and Guide to Open the Forsaken Gate In Pet Simulator X

To open the gate and access the Dominus Eggs, you will need to sacrifice 100,000 diamonds or gems. It is also recommended that you purchase all of the previous zones if you haven’t already, as you will have to fight through them again in order to reach the Forsaken Gate. This is not a cheap area to unlock, but the payoff is well worth it. Now open The Gate, and you will be rewarded with “The Forsaken Gate” achievement. Make sure to claim the 666,666,666 coins you receive as a reward.

You can now get your hands on Dominus Pets. They are incredibly powerful and each costs 1,000,000,000 coins. Remember, you will still need to collect another 400 million coins to get your first pet. But once you have one in hand, you can fuse hundreds of them to create a golden Dominus Pet.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide has helped you unlock the Forsaken Gate and get your hands on the Dominus Egg. If you have any additional tips or information to share, please feel free to post it in the comments below. And as always, if you liked this guide and found it helpful, we encourage you to share it with other Pet Simulator X fans so they too can fall in love with this game.

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