The 7 Best Multi Tool Weapons For No Man’s Sky in 2022

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In No Man’s Sky, the best Multi Tool weapons are those that will help you make the most of your exploration and get the most out of your time playing on the game. Multi-tools are used by players for a variety of purposes, such as mining, scanning planets and enemies, and hacking terminals. Furthermore, it is the only way that you can defend yourself from hostile enemies when they try to attack you. To be efficient in combat, you need to make sure that you are using the right multi-tool for the job in hand to ensure your success. Therefore, the question arises, what are the best multi-tool weapons for No Man’s Sky in the year 2022? We have compiled a list of the seven best Multi Tool weapons for No Man’s Sky in 2022.

No Mans Sky Best Multi Tool Weapon 2022

We all know that the best way to get ahead in No Man’s Sky is to use your tools. However, you’re going to need a multi-tool if you’re going to survive this hostile environment. No Man’s Sky offers a range of weapons that can take down a variety of enemies, but these multi tool weapons are capable of doing the job quickly and efficiently. We have compiled a list of a variety of weapons for you to choose from. Depending on the situation, some of the items in this list may make great primary weapons, while others may make excellent secondary weapons as well. In the list below, you will find more information about what we are talking about.

Scatter Blaster

Scatter Blaster is the first weapon in this list of no mans sky best multi tool weapon 2022. The scatter blaster is one of the most useful weapons in No Man’s Sky. It can shoot multiple projectiles at once, which makes it a great weapon for dealing with more than one enemy at once. Designed to take down multiple targets at once, this shotgun-style weapon is most effective against charging animals or Sentinel Quads or fighting large groups of enemies or tougher enemies with high health at close ranges.

There is, however, a catch to this weapon, and players are only able to make the most of it at close ranges. I do not recommend this weapon for long distance combat since it is not very effective. In addition, this weapon might not be the best option for players who tend to avoid head-on conflicts in order to maximize effectiveness. However, it is always wise to keep a Multi-Tool with a fully upgraded Scatter Blaster on hand as a backup in case of an emergency.

Blaze Javelin

The Blaze Javelin is one of the most popular multi-tool weapons for No Man’s Sky in 2022. With its high damage output, the Blaze Javelin is capable of destroying almost anything you encounter on your journey through the galaxy.

There is a big difference between Blaze Javelin and Scatter Blaster in the fact that Blaze Javelin is essentially a sniper rifle and Scatter Blaster is a scatter gun. With the Blaze Javelin, you will be able to instantly deal damage based upon the amount of charge time you had – for example, if you held the charge for two seconds or more, you will be able to deal 1200 damage, and have 240 mining power. This weapon is confirmed to have a range of at least 400 distance units at its maximum range. You can say that this one is the definition of high risk, high reward dubbed the beast of a weapon.

Those who prefer a more covert style of gameplay will find it suitable for their needs. This weapon is capable of providing players with a platform from which they can gain a high ground and pick off enemies from a distance. When you have this handy weapon at your disposal, you can easily shoot down any approaching enemy in a flash. Since it is a long range weapon, it is a perfect match for the Scatter Blaster.

Plasma Launcher

The plasma launcher is a weapon that fires plasma projectiles and another best weapon in the no mans sky best multi tool weapon 2022 list. Players should choose this weapon if they feel like mowing down problems with a multi-tool weapon would be enjoyable, as it is one of the best. Unlike some other secondary weapons, the grenade launcher is tried and trusted by the players of No Man’s Sky, making it a useful asset in a variety of situations. To claim rare rewards, it can shatter armored doors of Manufacturing Facilities.

With the help of this weapon, you are able to shoot out a variety of grenades at once. For getting through armored doors or Resource Depots, it is an excellent secondary weapon.

The most effective use of this weapon will come after players get a bit of experience with it and are able to master it. Depending on your skill, you might have a bit of difficulty aiming precisely, and it can feel a bit bulky at times. Also, while using this weapon, players will need to reload a lot of times in order to maintain some effectiveness. Also, keep in mind that once the the blast radius has been reached, the players will need to ensure that they are out of the blast range.

Paralysis Mortar

The Paralysis Mortar is one of my favorite weapons in all of No Man’s Sky because it’s so versatile. You can openly fight against your enemies using the Paralysis Mortar by firing a ball of energy that stuns them for a short period of time, thus allowing you to attack them more easily. Using it, you will not have to worry about weaker creatures trying to retaliate or you will not have to fear that they will take revenge.

Additionally, players can modify this weapon in order to increase the amount of damage it deals. The stun system in this weapon allows it to take out a large number of opponents quickly, and then finish them off with the primary weapon once the stun system has been applied.

Neutron Cannon

There are two different firing modes that can be used with the Neutron Cannon. I think it is a great tool for those who have developed a fondness for the Scatter Blaster as their weapon of choice, and who want to have the benefit of a shotgun-type quick blaster.

It is very important to keep in mind that as soon as you charge the weapon and release it, you can deal huge amounts of area damage. In addition to being useful against enemies that are grouped together, you could also be exposed briefly when using this when you charge into an enemy.

As much as this sounds like a great idea, in order for players to get the most out of this ability, they will need a quick fire weapon to complement it. It may be worth using the Paralysis Mortar momentarily to stun opponents as the shot charges.

Geology Cannon

Those who are creative combatants will find this weapon to be a great asset. Generally speaking, the Geology Cannon is composed of two primary components, the Plasma Launcher and the Terrain Manipulator, a grenade launcher capable of breaking chunks out of the crust of a planet with its destructive ability. This secondary weapon can cause crater-sized holes and almost certain death, so it’s best to stay away from the blast zone.

It takes quite a bit of skill to make this into a weapon, but when you use it to stop those giant bipedal Sentinels, it is a very rewarding experience.

Pulse Spitter

Pulse Spitter has the same feel as a standard machine gun but with ridiculously high recoil rates. Initially, you’ll find that half the time you’ll be firing into the sky, which is why if you’re planning on using the gun, you’ll need to upgrade it and mod it in order to get the most out of it. A skilled player may be able to utilize some upgrades in the game that will let him deal damage over an extended period, as long as he stays on top of the game. When you upgrade your skills, you can watch as your enemies are burnt in front of your very eyes.


So, there you have it. These are all the best multi tool weapons in No Man’s Sky in my opinion. We hope that our guide has helped you find the right multi tool weapon for your needs in No Man’s Sky. No matter what your playstyle is, there’s an option here for every player to enjoy. What are some of your favorite weapons? Let us know in the comments below!

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