Limbus Company: How to Fix the Unable to Download Content Error on Steam Deck?

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Limbus Company, the latest addition to Project Moon’s universe, has been making waves since its release on February 27th, 2023 (February 26th for Western audiences). Developed and published by Project Moon, Limbus Company is an RPG that takes place after the true ending in Library of Ruina. The game features 12 Sinners, each based on literary classics, as well as characters from Project Moon’s manga/novel series Leviathan. The gameplay in Limbus Company is straightforward but engaging. Players must execute action combos with a chain and then watch as their moves play out on-screen. With Limbus Company being a new release, some players may encounter download errors on their Steam Deck. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are some tips that can help you fix Limbus Company’s “Unable to Download Content” error on Steam Deck.

We want you to enjoy the game to the fullest, so we’ll guide you through the necessary steps. This article will provide you with the information you need to get the game up and running on your device.

How to Fix Limbus Company Unable to Download Content Error on Steam Deck?

Limbus Company offers potential solutions to the “Unable to Download Content Error” on the Steam Deck, despite the absence of an official fix. Simply follow the steps provided by the company to potentially resolve the issue and enjoy a smoother experience. Get started now by reading on.

Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The first step to fixing the Limbus Company “Unable to Download Content” error on Steam Deck is to check your internet connection. Make sure that your device is connected to a stable and reliable network. You can check your connection by going to the Steam Deck’s settings menu and selecting “Network & Internet.”

If your device is not connected to the internet, connect to a Wi-Fi network or cellular data. Ensure that your network is stable, and there are no issues with your internet service provider. Slow internet speed, network congestion, and limited data plans can affect your Steam Deck’s ability to download content, causing the “Unable to Download Content” error.

Step 2: Clear Cache and Cookies

The next step is to clear your device’s cache and cookies. This will help to remove any corrupted data that may be causing the error. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data, then select “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data”. Click “Clear data” to confirm.

Step 3: Restart Your Steam Deck

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, try restarting your Steam Deck. Restarting your device can fix many issues, including the “Unable to Download Content” error on Steam Deck. To restart your device, press and hold the power button until the “Power off” menu appears. Then select “Restart” and wait for your device to reboot.

Step 4: Check Steam Servers Status

Sometimes, the “Unable to Download Content” error can be caused by issues on Steam’s servers. Check the Steam’s official status page to see if there are any reported issues. If there are issues with Steam’s servers, you may have to wait until the issue is resolved before you can download new content.

Step 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Limbus Company

If the above steps did not work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Limbus Company on your device. To do this, go to the Steam Deck home screen, find Limbus Company, and press and hold the game icon until a menu appears. Select “Uninstall” to remove the game from your device. Then, go to the Steam Store and download and install Limbus Company again.

Step 6: Contact Steam Support

If none of the above steps works, it’s time to contact Steam Support for assistance. Steam Support can help you identify and resolve the issue with the “Unable to Download Content” error on your Steam Deck. You can contact them by visiting the Steam Support website and submitting a support ticket.


In conclusion, To resolve the frustrating “Unable to Download Content” error on your Steam Deck when trying to install Limbus Company, there are several quick and easy steps that you can follow to get back in the game. First, make sure your internet connection is stable and strong. Next, clear your cache and cookies to eliminate any potential issues. If that doesn’t work, restart your device to refresh its settings. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the game to start fresh. And finally, if none of these steps work, don’t hesitate to contact Steam Support for further assistance. By taking these simple steps, you can quickly overcome the error and start enjoying Limbus Company on your Steam Deck without any further interruptions.

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