How To Fix FIFA 23 Crashing on Startup and Not Starting Or Launching on PC?

The article will explain why FIFA 23 crashes on startup and does not launch on PC, and we will provide all the details related to the problem. Here is a list of the solutions that are available.

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FIFA 23 is coming to an end for the global football community. It is a great game with beautiful graphics and improved gameplay, and it is definitely worth trying. As FIFA has been around 30 years, this is the closest the organization has ever come to playing real-life soccer. The brand-new version of FIFA 23 was released recently on all major platforms with lots of new features like it grants gamers 4,600 FIFA Points and various bonus items in the Ultimate Team mode. Players can experience more realistic and authentic gameplay with HyperMotion 2 technology in FIFA 23. A huge amount of HyperMotion animations have been added to this game, as well as a whole host of acceleration mechanics based on the characteristics of the player in real life and also along many other features.

In recent weeks, however, the game has faced technical problems with many players reporting crashing on startup or not launching on their PCs. Those of you who are experiencing the issue of FIFA 23 crashing at startup or not launching on PC are going to find this article helpful. Here’s a list of some troubleshooting steps that other users have found that have helped them fix the same problem in the past.

How To Fix FIFA 23 Crashing on Startup and Not Starting Or Launching on PC?

There are a lot of gameplay improvements in FIFA 23 that are the most meaningful improvements among FIFA 23’s additions. This is because they improve all modes of play, rather than just giving me more things to do or more ways of playing to memorize on my gamepad. However, there have been a few reports from users stating that they were not able to launch the game on their PCs as a result of the application freezing. The game crashes on startup or does not launch at all when launched. I am sure that you can relate to this problem if you are also experiencing it. We have listed a few troubleshooting steps that other people have used to solve the same problem that you have. Here are some troubleshooting steps to help you troubleshoot your computer.

Solution 1: Restart Your PC First To Eliminate Glitches And Errors

Whenever there are any kind of errors or glitches on your PC when you are playing games or doing other stuff on your computer, you should always restart your PC as the first solution to resolve the problem. It is common for a game to crash due to a problem with Windows or your computer itself. Therefore, it is always a good idea to restart your system and try to play again. You could also try the other solution if this one does not work for you, or if you don’t want to use this one at all.

Solution 2: Run The Game And Launcher As Administrator

In Windows, running an application or game as an administrator gives them a lot of extra privileges. Using it allows them to edit the registry, change the system files, and get access to other folders that are normally restricted or locked.

In the opinion of most players, the only effective solution for FIFA 23 would be to run both the launcher and the game as the administrator. In order to begin, make sure that you exit the game and the Origin launcher, in case you are using either.

You will need to follow a number of steps in order to run the game as an administrator.

  • It is necessary to change the properties of the shortcut file of the game in order to run the game as an administrator by default. Select the shortcut file for FIFA 23 on your desktop, and then right click on it and choose Properties from the menu that appears.
  • Afterwards, under the Compatibility tab, check the box next to Run This Program as an Administrator, and then click the Apply button. It is important that you restart your computer and launch FIFA 23 again by double clicking on the game shortcut to make sure that everything is working as it should.

In this way, every time you click on the shortcut for the game on the desktop, it will begin by starting in administrator mode by default.

Solution 3: Update Your Graphics Card Drivers And Windows Os

The next step is to run system-wide updates on your computer to fix any software or game problems. The best way to enjoy gaming is to update your graphics driver from the official manufacturer’s website in order to have the smoothest gaming experience. Therefore, to make things more easy for you, here are some of the major GPU vendors from which you can download the latest graphics driver for your computer. Here is what you have to do:

Once your graphics drivers are upgraded, see if the game or your system still requires any updates. If you have any outstanding updates, our recommendation would be to apply them soon after they have become available. In the event that your game suddenly crashes or doesn’t load for no apparent reason, then the next thing that you are going to need to do is to ensure that you have updated the Windows operating system to the latest version that is available to you. You may occasionally find that your operating system and the game are incompatible, which will lead to the game crashing or not loading, depending on the situation.

Also, In the case of well-known and regular game bugs, developers may distribute hotfixes over the air via an OTA update service. You’ll be able to run FIFA 23 with ease by updating windows and ensuring that your machine is optimized for it.

Solution 4: Remove And Reinstall EA Anti-Cheat

The EA anti-cheat solution has been developed in house by Electronic Arts exclusively and is designed to counteract cheating and tampering in kernel-mode. Sometimes, however, it can also cause a problem with the game and the game will not run smoothly. Tha

You might need to remove EA Anticheat if the previous one didn’t work for you. Please find it in the following directory: C:/Program Files/EA/AC and delete it there.

FIFA 23 will automatically reinstall the anticheat once Origin is run as an administrator. Afterwards, you will need to restart your computer, launch Origin as an administrator, and restart the FIFA 23 once again when all is done.

Solution 5: Verify The Integrity Of Game Files For FIFA 23

FIFA 23 might crash at startup if there are any problems with the game files, and a simple fix is to verify the integrity of the game files on Steam. Whenever you click on the Verify the integrity of game files button, when Steam launches your games and downloads updates, it automatically checks if there are missing files or corrupted data, and if so, it will take action accordingly. In the event that your computer’s hard drive contains missing or corrupted files for the game that you are playing, these files will be replaced and the correct ones will be installed. I will explain how to do it in the following way:

  • In order to do this, simply open Steam and go to your library.
  • Right-click on the FIFA 23 and choose Properties.
  • Choose the LOCAL FILES tab, then click on Verify Integrity of Local Files and your done!

Solution 6: Disable Or Uninstall Antivirus And Firewall

An anti-virus tool from a third party, or a firewall from an external source may be the cause of this issue. In some cases, a firewall or anti-virus software will quarantine certain files that are related to a game during a security check. The best thing you can do if this applies to you is to turn off your real-time antivirus protection. As an option, you may wish to include FIFA 23 in the exclusion/exception list before trying again, so that the game files won’t be scanned during the security check and you can bypass the game files from your antivirus.

Some people, however, use third-party antivirus software to protect their valuable data in their computers, and the antivirus also has an inbuilt firewall setting that protects the data while being transmitted over the internet. When you’re using an anti-virus firewall protection in addition to the real-time protection, just switching off the real-time protection may not solve the problem. If you would like to fix this issue you will need to uninstall your antivirus program from the computer. In case you are willing to do so, here are a few steps you need to follow:

  • In order to be able to uninstall the application installed on your computer system, you will need to find out where to access the control panel. This is where you can access the uninstall procedure for that application. The easiest way to get to the control panel is to type control panel into the search engine of your computer. Then click on the first result that appears when you search for it.
  • This will display a list of all the programs that are currently installed on your computer system. Locate the antivirus software that you wish to uninstall. Once you find out, select it, right click on it and click on uninstall.
  • In order to test if the change has been made successfully, you will need to restart your computer and launch the game again. This will enable you to see if everything has been sorted out and you are not encountering any errors.

Solution 7: Disable Overlays

There is no doubt that game overlays are among the most useful and helpful features that are available for gamers who want to play a game while chatting and interacting with their friends and at the same time see information about their game play on the same screen.

It displays the information at the top of your gameplay, however it is dependent on your graphics card for it to work, which can cause some issues sometimes. Because it can affect your gaming experience. This includes black screens, crashes when you start up the game or it does not even start, freezes, and many more in this vein.

So if you want to have a great giving experience you should always consider disabling it before playing the game. Some of the applications and software that offer overlay features include steam, obs, discord, and so on. In light of this, it is recommended that you turn off the overlays on your computer.


As the series comes to an end, FIFA 23 is a fitting end to the series. FIFA 23 FUT’s PowerShot offers new ways to score and its chemistry system has been reworked to allow more variety in team sheets. There is no doubt that FIFA 23 offers a lot of new features, but along with the multitudes of new features there are also many problems as well. We hope that the information in this article has been able to help you resolve this issue in an efficient manner. In case you are interested in more articles like this, you can also explore the section for FIFA 23 for more articles like this. Have a great time playing games!

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