FIFA 22: How To Fix Career Mode UCL Forfeit Bug?

FIFA 22 is a great game, but it does have some bugs and glitches. One of the most recent problems in FIFA 22 is the UCL forfiet bug. In this article I will be explaining why this new format has caused serious issues with Career Mode, as well as how to fix these problems.

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FIFA series has been the top-selling sports game of every year since its inception. Each year, fans look forward to checking out the new features and improvements in FIFA game. FIFA 22 is no exception. FIFA 22 launched with a plethora of new features and improvements, but the most exciting feature was probably the new career mode that allows players to manage their favorite team in Europe. Career mode has always been the most popular mode in any sports game, and while it is a blast playing with your favorite teams and players, there are times when things go wrong. Since the beginning of FIFA games, there have always been bugs, especially in the single-player career mode. One of the most annoying issues that you come across in FIFA 22 career mode is “UCL Forfeit Bug”. This behavior of the enemy AI causes the match to be forfeited due to the lack of players, which is really odd, and it is also a major dealbreaker for a lot of players.

This bug affects your team’s performance and causes you to lose games for no apparent reason (even if you have better players). It has a very negative impact on your player’s morale and makes him give up on his dreams of winning UCL trophy with your club. In this article, we will discuss some possible solutions for this bug and what needs to be done to fix it. Here’s how to fix the UCL Forfeit Bug in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Career Mode: How To Fix UCL Forfeit Bug?

UCL Forfeit is not the only bug that can be frustrating; the save bug, corrupted game files, cache issues, and coach always disappointed bug all require you to start over. Oftentimes, reinstalling the game or restarting the computer will solve many bugs, but there are some that need an update from EA. As of now, EA does not have a timeline for when they will fix the UCL Forfeit Bug, but there are some in the community who have found a way to deal with it in the meantime. We have found a temporary fix for the Champions League bug and here it is.

According to a number of users, there is a workaround available for FIFA 22 that may temporarily fix the UCL Forfeit bug. It is just a matter of opening the calendar and using “sim to date” to simulate past the CL game in the Calendar and it will play as if nothing had happened. However, In this case, you will be assigned to teams that are randomly selected by the system.

If this doesn’t help, try resetting your date to an earlier day and simulating until the press conference to force the game to finish it’s scheduled events. This sometimes helps fix the UCL Forfeit bug. As long as EA doesn’t fix this issue in their next update, these are your best options for playing career mode without having to forfeit.


We hope this guide helped you fix FIFA 22 Career Mode UCL Forfeit Bug. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below and we’ll try our best to answer them!

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