Stalcraft: How To Fix V-Sync Not Working Issue On PC?

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Some players have complained that the V-Sync feature in Stalcraft doesn’t work for them. They continue to experience screen tearing as well as other graphics errors when they enable it. In order to fix screen tearing issues, V-Sync or Virtual Sync is a very useful feature in the game. There are a lot of players who are extremely frustrated that it does not work in Stalcraft. The question is evidently on the minds of many people as to whether the developers are aware of this issue and whether any steps are being taken to address it. In this guide, we will show you how to fix Stalcraft’s V-Sync not working issue.

There are a lot of similarities between Stalcraft and STALKER in this newly released horror-themed FPS MMO, but Minecraft is also influencing Stalcraft in many ways. It is a new game that offers players the opportunity to explore a wide array of resources and adversaries in a large open environment. There are no elaborate graphics in Stalcraft, and it works without them. Unfortunately, for many gamers, there is an issue with VSync not working in Stalcraft, which makes the game unplayable for them.

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How To Fix Stalcraft V-Sync Not Working Issue On PC?

It is not known whether this issue has been fixed, but many players are wondering why Stalcraft is experiencing this issue with V-Sync not working. While we await a solution from development, we can try a variety of things. These will show you are not the cause of the problem. The most simple thing you can do is to start Stalcraft without V-Sync, because if there is no screen tearing, then it is caused by Stalcraft itself. In order to maximize the benefits of V-Sync, it is recommended that you cap your frame rate. You can try this player-suggested method to solve the problem.

Also, it is very important for you to keep your GPU drivers up to date. When your GPU drivers are outdated, you may have some trouble playing your game. In the event that you have any difficulty using V-Sync, lower the graphics settings and see how it goes. Once we receive more information on this matter, we will update the article.

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