How To Fix Goat Simulator 3 Not Playable On This Device Error?

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Goat simulator 3 is an excellent choice for people looking to relax and enjoy some good time with their peers. The game presents a sandbox of an imaginative world with funny goats where people will have fun playing. The sad truth is that the amusement goes awry where gamers are greeted by the unpleasant “Goat simulator 3 not playable on this device.” With the initial excitement comes now with frustration, and many are looking for an answer to this most annoying issue. Thankfully, there are a few potential workarounds Xbox owners can try to resolve this error. By methodically applying each proposed solution, gamers stand a good chance of trouncing the “not playable” beast. Let’s break down exactly why this error emerges and how to fix Goat Simulator 3 not playable on Xbox consoles.

Why Xbox Gamers See This Notification?

While random glitches and odd behaviors are part of the chaotic fun in Goat Simulator 3, the “not playable” error is decidedly not. Several Xbox Series X|S console owners have reported this issue preventing access to the game. Currently, no clear culprit explains its emergence.

It’s vital to understand Goat Simulator 3 was designed exclusively for Microsoft’s newest consoles, not the older Xbox One family. As an advanced next-gen title, limitations in older hardware likely trigger the “not playable” error. This indicates the game isn’t refusing to run arbitrarily but rather protecting against performance issues.

So Xbox One, Xbox One S, and related console owners simply lack the necessary components for a proper Goat Simulator 3 experience. We’ll still cover possible quick fixes. However, a console upgrade may ultimately be required.

How To Fix Goat Simulator 3 Not Playable On This Device Error? :Troubleshooting Steps and Workarounds

Before considering complex solutions, let’s address simple troubleshooting steps Xbox gamers can perform themselves. The following workarounds might nip error messages in the bud:

Power Cycle the Console

Give your gaming system a refresh by turning it off and on again. This classic troubleshooting move, known as power cycling, shuts down the console and then restarts it. This helps wipe out any messed-up data or glitchy stuff that’s making your game unplayable.

Here are the steps:

  1. Fully power down your Xbox via the Full Shutdown option.
  2. Unplug the power cable from back of console for 30 seconds.
  3. Reinsert the cable firmly back in place.
  4. Turn your Xbox back on and attempt launching Goat Simulator 3 again.

The power cycle is an easy first step that resolves many odd errors. It’s certainly worth trying before more complex methods.

Check for System and Game Updates

Another straightforward issue that generates “not playable” and other errors is outdated firmware. It’s essential you maintain the latest Xbox dashboard updates from Microsoft. Critical security fixes, optimizations, and gaming improvements arrive through these patches.

Likewise, check Goat Simulator 3 itself for available title updates. The developer, Coffee Stain North, regularly rolls out bug fixes and performance tweaks after launch. Running an outdated game build could easily create problems. Updating provides the best gameplay experience and prevents many bugs.

Clean Reinstall or Contact Xbox Support

If all else fails, uninstalling then re-downloading Goat Simulator 3 may get past the “not playable” message. This essentially provides a fresh start. But first, try contacting Xbox Support in case a larger issue is occurring on their end.

Below are next steps for a complete reinstallation:

  1. Open the My games & apps section from your Xbox dashboard.
  2. Under Games, highlight Goat Simulator 3 and press the Menu button.
  3. Select Uninstall all.
  4. After downloading again from the Microsoft Store, attempt to launch once more.

As a last resort, a full reinstall often irons out deeper problems. Hopefully the quicker power cycle or update methods already did the trick!


If Goat Simulator 3’s random glitches make it even more wacky, the annoying “not playable on this device” error tests gamers’ patience. We’ve got some simple fixes for Xbox owners to try before reaching out for help or resorting to a full game reinstall.

Give your console a power cycle, update the firmware and game title, or try reinstalling—following these steps should get you back to enjoying the craziness of Goat Simulator 3. If more problems pop up, don’t worry; we’ll share more tips for embracing your inner goat! Until then, have a blast with the wild fun this unexpectedly popular sequel brings.

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