Five Troubleshooting Steps That Should Fix Any Online Gaming Issue

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Nothing is more upsetting for a gamer than settling in for a night of their favorite online game only to discover that their browser isn’t supporting it properly. You can encounter sluggish loading, lag, or even crashes. However, there are easy troubleshooting measures you can take to get your game back on track before you give up in despair.

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In this article, we’ll look at five practical fixes for browser-related problems with online gaming so you may quickly and effectively resume playing your video game. Here are the five actions you should always take before contacting customer assistance, without further ado. Or even worse, give up completely.

1. Clear Your Cookies and Cache

One of the simplest fixes you can try is clearing your browser’s cookies and cache. Every browser store cookies and cache information built up over time and eventually, this information can slow down browser performance. The instructions to clear the information stored in your browser differ depending on which internet browser you are using.

The most commonly used browser in 2023 is Google Chrome, and you can find out details on how to clear stored browsing data on Chrome here. It is important to regularly clear your cookies and cache to ensure that your browser works at optimum speed and to ensure that no harmful data is stored.

2. Try Using Another Device

Try using a different device if you’re having trouble getting your game to run on your PC. Try playing your game, for instance, on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone. It’s conceivable that your game has been improved for these platforms. Alternatively, the issue can be unique to the hardware or software on your computer, in which case attempting it on a different device would prove the problem.

3. Try Using Another Browser

Another effective troubleshooting step is trying out another browser. Different browsers have different features and settings that affect how they manage online games. For example, Google Chrome is known to be more resource-intensive than Firefox, so if you’re experiencing loading or lag issues, you might want to try switching to a different browser. In most cases, popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge shouldn’t pose any issues.

4. Allow Your Browser to Run Plugins

Some online games require plugins like Adobe Flash, Java, or Shockwave to be running to function. However, some browsers automatically block certain plugins, which can cause problems in-game. You must grant your browser permission to run plugins in order to fix this. Check the ‘plugins’ or ‘add-ons’ option in your browser’s settings to see if it is enabled. Ensure that these plugins are installed in the most recent versions of your browser.

5. Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Stable

The performance of your online game may also be impacted by your internet connection. An unstable connection may be the cause of any lag or delayed loading times you are encountering. Resetting your connection or router or getting in touch with your internet service provider (ISP) for more help are the best options in this situation. To keep your connection as stable as possible while playing your game, try unplugging every other device from your Wi-Fi.

None of the above worked? Contact In-Game Customer Support

Should none of our pointers successfully manage to resolve your issue, then the next step would be contacting in-game customer support for further assistance. Admittedly this isn’t something any of us want to do, and resolving your issue could end up being a lengthy process, especially if there is a long queue attempting to contact customer service, but unfortunately, there is not much else you personally can do. Most online games provide live chat support, meaning that a support agent will reply to you in real-time, and they should be able to resolve your problems once connected.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to fix problems that could occur while playing online games in your browser. These five suggestions are but a few of the actions you might take to restart your game, therefore, keep these straightforward troubleshooting suggestions in mind the next time you experience browser-related gaming issues. Also, always make sure your system is current, and update your browsers and plugins as needed.

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